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  • Users and Permissions

    Users are the people who have access to your NonprofitCore site. Employees, board members, interns, and volunteers are examples of users. All users require a user account.

    User Setup

    Site administrators invite users into the system by sending email invitations. Once received, users follow the emailed instructions to complete account set up. Users are automatically given View Only access; and if additional permissions are required, site administrators adjust access accordingly.

    Default Permission Roles

    Currently, the available permission roles are Admin and View Only. 

    • Admin - has access to everything in the system.
    • View Only - has “read only” access to everything. This is useful for external auditors.

    Generally speaking, it's advantageous to have a limited amount of users assigned the Admin role. Other users' assigned roles should reflect the duties they perform.

    Additional User Information

    If users can access more than one NonprofitCore site, then their permission roles need to be set per site. Permission roles can vary by site. 

    If users' permission roles do not grant access to an area, then the link to the area will be gray.