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  • Video: GrantHub 20 min Overview

    20 min Overview of GrantHub. This is a brief product demonstration, and can also be used as an introductory training session.



  • What is my GrantHub Site Key?

    Your GrantHub Site Key is used to identify your GrantHub account when copying grant opportunities from funder sites into your GrantHub account. 

    You do NOT need to have a GrantHub Site Key to apply to a funder. This is only used to help you quickly copy the grant details into your GrantHub account. If you don't have an account and would like to learn more about how GrantHub can help you track and manage your grants, please click this link.

    Your GrantHub Site Key can only be set by your GrantHub Administrator. The Site Key is found by logging into GrantHub and accessing the My Organization area under the blue Welcome menu in the upper right of your screen. 


    Select the 'Basic Info' tab to find the Site Key field. 


    If you need to create your GrantHub Site Key, it is recommended you use a short name or phrase that is unique to your organization and easy to remember. 

    Your Site Key is what you use to identify your GrantHub account when you are copying details about grants you wish to apply to, into your GrantHub account as an Opportunities. At this time, this capability is only available if you are applying to a funder who is using Foundant Technologies' Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) software to accept applications online. NOTE: A GrantHub account is not required to apply to a funder who is using GLM.

    Click here for instructions on how to identify funders who have this capability available and how to copy their grant program into an Opportunity in your GrantHub account.

  • Self-Assessment and Training Plan Worksheet

    PLEASE DOWNLOAD PRIOR TO ATTENDING WEBINAR: 2019 Self-Assessment and Training Plan.xlsx

    Julie Assel has combined change theory with the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) Competencies and Skills to create an innovative self-assessment tool you can use to evaluate your own knowledge, experience, and comfort in the nine competencies and sixty-four skills. The self-assessment tool helps you create your own professional development plan and become more confident in your areas of strength. You can also use the tool to help: 

    • Determine your personal areas of strength and growth
    • Craft your professional development plan to address areas where there are gaps in knowledge, experience, or comfort
    • Identify opportunities to utilize your strengths to help local organizations, communities, and the greater grant profession in general
  • Viewer Tutorial

    Of the three user roles in GrantHub, Viewers have the most limited access. When it comes to specific action items, the viewer role can only edit certain information within the site. If you feel that the Viewer role is not the correct role for you please contact your organization's Administrator user to discuss.

    Click Here for the complete tutorial

  • Seeking Funders and Grants

    We wish you the best success in seeking grants to fund your mission, but Foundant does not offer grants. We provide software to help managing the grantseeking process for nonprofits and consultants who are applying for grants. In addition to our software, we offer free training and other resources to help you learn how to be more effective when applying to funders. Here are a few options:

    If you are looking for databases to search for funders – we recommend GrantStation and Candid’s Foundation Directory Online (FDO). Both cost to access, but many public libraries and other organizations provide free access. And FDO has a limit free version as well:

    Foundant has a product (GrantHub) helps you manage your funders, deadlines and grant documents. You get access to GrantStation's database when you purchase our GrantHub software.

  • What does the GrantHub Dashboard Highlight?

    The GrantHub Dashboard shows you the amount of opportunities in each status given the current year. It also summarizes how many deadlines are past due, and how many are coming up in the near future. 



    These are some key points to remember about the dashboard:

    1. The table of deadlines shown at the bottom of the screen are the deadlines assigned to the person who is currently logged in. 
    2. To see a everyone's tasks and proposal deadlines, click on "Show all my deadlines".
    3. To change the date range that is automatically used to create the dashboard views, go to the blue 'Welcome' box in the upper right of your screen. Click on 'My Organization' and then select the 'Preferences' tab to change the start of your fiscal year. 

    Views that are linked to the dashboard items:

    1. If you click on an item in the 'Opportunities' section of your dashboard, it will take you to the 'Opportunities' area of GrantHub and display the type of opportunities associated with the item you clicked on. 
      • You can continue to filter or sort the opportunities by using the 'Search' box at the upper right of the list, or by clicking on the column headers on the list. 
      • Also - Pay attention to the filter box on the upper left of your opportunities list - it is used to filter opportunities that are in the particular stage you are looking for.
    2. If you click on an item in the 'Deadlines' section of your dashboard, GrantHub will open up the 'Dashboard' area of GrantHub and display all the past due and upcoming deadlines. 
      • You can continue to filter or sort the deadlines by using the 'Search' box at the upper right of the list, or by clicking on the column headers on the list. 

    Please Note: Both the Opportunity and Deadline views will NOT be filtered by the same date ranges shown on the dashboard. If you would like to get a list of opportunities that are filtered by a date range, please use the 'Report' section of GrantHub (click on 'Report' in upper menu, or select the link by the dashboard chart "view more reports").

  • GrantHub System Alerts

    After a release users will see a release notes pop up on the dashboard after logging in.

    The Close button will close the pop up, but leave the alert active so that it re-opens on return to the dashboard. To dismiss the alert click on the Dismiss button.

    In the event of any system issues users will see a red box on the login page outlining the issue.

    All current alerts can be reviewed by clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner of the window.

  • Video: GrantHub 6 min Overview

    6 min Overview of GrantHub. This is a brief product introduction. If you are looking for a more in-depth presentation of the system you can find that HERE.


  • Can I use GrantHub in another country?

    We currently do not have specific localized versions of GrantHub. That said, we have designed GrantHub to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of environments. Here are the elements that should be considered for customers residing outside the United States:

    • GrantHub is currently designed for US currencies and formats. We do not track, manage or display multiple currencies. As long as an organization enters all grant revenues in a consistent currency, GrantHub will work fine.
    • GrantHub’s address fields are Address1, Address2, City, State and Postal code – all fields are open fields and are NOT limited to any preset values (such as US states). GrantHub customers outside the US should make sure these fields will meet their needs.
    • GrantHub has several integrations with our partners in the US, such as GuideStar, Foundation Center, and GreatNonprofits. These integrations key off a nonprofit’s Tax ID. These integrations are not critical to the key functionality of GrantHub.
    • GrantHub license includes a subscription to GrantStation. GrantStation does provide information on international funders, including Canadian funders.
    • Dates are tracked in GrantHub in the format Month/Day/Year. We do not currently support any other variations of date formatting.
    • All field names, help and support information is provided in English. 
  • What makes you different than other grant management solutions?

    GrantHub is part of Foundant Technologies ( Foundant has been building grant management solutions for grantmakers since 2007 and is dedicated to making both sides of the granting process better. In serving the needs of grantmakers and their applicants, Foundant has been able to put years of feedback into the design of GrantHub. In summary - what makes GrantHub stand out from other solutions is:

    • Customer Support, Service, Training, etc. Our company (Foundant Technologies) was built on this being the highest priority, so we will always focus and invest in this area.
    • Easy to Use – We keep our UI clean and intuitive. We aim to have a full featured, powerful solution – while making sure features do not make the solution more difficult to learn/use.
    • Cost – Our price is set with everything you need included – both now and throughout the subscription period.

    Specific features that set us apart from other solutions:

    • User / deadline management – being able to reassign tasks if someone leaves, etc.
    • Partner integrations (GuideStar, Foundation Center, etc.), that help you easily access contact information as well as information on funder’s 990’s
    • Answer Library – ability to have central store for all your docs and templates

    Situations where we are NOT a fit:

    • Tracking post-award detailed expenses and current grant account balances. We have the ability to track reporting requirements, documents and deadlines - but if you need a fuller featured grant management system that is tuned for tracking the financials behind large federal government grants, we are not the best solution for you.
    • If you are looking to track a large number (> 100 and growing) of individual donors, you should first look to a donor management system. GrantHub is a great partner to these solutions and can export data to another solution if needed.
  • Are there pricing tiers or discounts for my organization?

    The price of GrantHub is not based on a nonprofit's budget. We've priced the base/standard version of GrantHub to be as affordable to small nonprofits as possible, with the ability to add 35 users to the system. Larger nonprofits with several programs and more personnel have the option to purchase more users for $150. You can view the full list of included features on our pricing page:

    GrantHub is available at a discount for those who are members in several grant associations, such as Grant Professionals Association (GPA), Puget Sound Grantwriter's Association (PGSA) and other associations. Check with your association or contact us at to see if your organization qualifies.

  • How do I update the email notification deadlines?

    Go to the top right corner of GrantHub once you are logged in. You will see a blue box with, "Welcome, Your Name". Click on this and select My Organization.

    Once you are in My Organization, you will see Preferences tab. Click on this.

    Now click on Add Deadline Notification and set up your days. You are able to add up to 2 notifications.

    Save your notifications and these will be the defaults for emails sent to owners of Tasks and Opportunities.

  • I've registered for GrantHub, now what can I do?

    We recommend navigating to the blue preferences box to update your organization information.

    Click on My Organization

    This is the area where you can insert your organization address, users, and email notification preferences.

    This is the area where you can insert your organization address, users, and email notification preferences.


    On the Organization Basic Info tab, what do I insert if I don't have a Tax ID?

    We realize that not all users or organizations will have a Tax ID number. Please insert numbers in the format XX-XXXXXXX (I.e. 11-1111111) to meet the required field. By entering this number you will be given access to your GuideStar Profile within the my organization section of the system.


    Customize the number of days before a deadline you will like your notification emails to be sent to Task Owners and Opportunity Owners. In the example below, the first reminder will be sent 10 days before the deadline and then another reminder 2 days before the deadline.


    This is the area where you can insert your other Grant Writer or your Viewers. If you were the original registrant, you are by default the Administrator.

    Grant Writers can make changes on any fields and insert any information in GrantHub.

    Viewers can add documents to Opportunities or Tasks, and can pull reports.

    *The Active and Inactive status shows the Admin whether a user has set up their login credentials and accessed GrantHub.

  • Trial Checklist - Use this to learn all there is to know about GrantHub!



    Download here - GrantHub Trial Checklist.docx

    You can also download a Trial Kit that will help you work through this checklist using video tutorials. 

    Download here - Free Trial Kit

  • I have more than one deadline, how do I insert that information?

    When initially inserting your information into the Opportunity details tab, you only have the availability to enter one proposal deadline. We suggest that you enter the date that the grant application needs to be delivered to the organization.

    To record due dates for items such as letters of inquiries (LOI), site visits, follow-up reports, sending thank you notes, reminder emails, status check up, etc. we recommend you use the Tasks tab after you have saved your information in the Details tab.

    The Tasks tab allows you to insert these fields:

    • Task Name
    • Description
    • Task Owner
    • Task Deadline
    • Task Status
    • Available Documents (this area shows you all the documents that have already been uploaded and associated with this opportunity. They could be attached to other tasks, or attached to the opportunity directly.)

    Upload Document area on the right: Here you can upload documents related to the specific task. For example, if the task is to work out your program budget, you might upload a budget template or previous budget version to use as a starting point for the task. Once the task is complete, we suggest you upload the final version and remove any unneeded documents.

  • What is the difference between an opportunity and a task?

    GrantHub is divided into 3 different organizational levels to help track the activities needed for your grant writing success.

    A funder is an entity that grants money. Foundation X may have multiple opportunities (grants) for your organization to apply to. Each grant is an opportunity for you to receive funding. Within each one of these opportunities, you have a series of tasks that help you submit the grant and follow-up after receiving awards. Some examples of tasks are: Submit LOI, Preparation of Application, Submit Application, Preparation of Follow Up, Submit Follow Up, Send Thank You Card, etc.

    Here is a nested visual for organization:

    Foundation X = Funder

    Opportunity ABC 2015 = Grant Name + Year

    Task 1 = Submit LOI

    Task 2 = Prepare Application

    Task 3 = Submit Application

    Opportunity XYZ 2015 = Grant Name + Year

    Task 1 = Prepare Application

    Task 2 = Submit Application

  • How do I enter a new Grant?

    Any grant or funding that you might apply for will need to be entered into the system as an opportunity. The instructions below will help you to add an opportunity. 

    Select Opportunities from the menu on the top of your GrantHub screen.


    Then select the Add Opportunity button.


    Fill out the applicable fields, and hit Save button.