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  • How do I add new users?

    Once the Administrator is signed into GrantHub, go to the blue box in the top right corner, click on it and select "My Organization". 


    Select the User tab. 


    Click the button, "Add User".


    Insert your users information in the form. 




    In your GrantHub subscription, you are allowed up to 35 users. 

    *NOTE - when adding new users, an email will be sent to them to activate their login. The link in the email only stays active for 48 hours. Also, you are unable to assign any Opportunities or Tasks to new users until they activate their account.

    If your new user is having issues getting their activation email, please try these Troubleshooting steps


  • User Roles and User Permissions

    What types of User Roles and User Permissions are available in GrantHub?

    *The standard subscription to GrantHub includes 35 users. There can only be 1 administrator, and the remaining licenses can be split between Writers and Viewer roles.  

    1. User Role: Administrator
    2. User Role: Writer
    3. User Role: Viewer



  • New User did not receive activation email

    Trouble shooting the adding of new users

    Troubleshooting steps:

    1. If the new users does not see their welcome email containing the activation link withing 5 minutes of you adding them, have the user check their 'junk' email folder to see if the email ended up there. 
    2. In order to receive emails from GrantHub, you may need to set up your email to accept emails from the domain. Or you may need to 'white list' the email address ''. Please contact our support via chat, or at if you need assistance with this. You may need to contact your IT staff for help if you are unable to change these settings yourself.
    3. If the user has waited longer than 48 hours to activate their account, you will need to resend the new account notification email. To do this, the admin will need to resend the activation email. To do this:
      1. Go to your list of users (Select 'My Organization' Under the blue welcome box in the upper right and select the 'Users' tab. 
      2. Change the Status Filter to 'View Inactive'. 
      3. Find the user listed and then click on the blue checkbox icon in the 'Actions' column on the far right to resent the email.
      4. The activation link in the email will be valid for another 48 hours.
  • Does GrantHub have any integrations with Foundant's GLM?

    GrantHub has the capability to quickly copy grant details from funders directly into a GrantHub Opportunity record. This functionality is only available if the funder you are applying to is using Foundant Technologies Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) software for their online applications. Click here to learn how.

    As far as advantages to grantseekers when applying to funders who do not use GLM, here is a help article that talks about the top advantages of GrantHub – and having the product offered from Foundant Technologies:

  • Can I access GrantHub on my mobile device?

    Yes, but we do want to call out that we do not have our application optimized for mobile use. What does that sentence mean? It means you can use on your mobile device but the design is not responsive to changing perspectives while using your handheld. Some of the useful saving lists won't work on a mobile device either. Also, the data isn't optimized so it could eat up a lot of data on your phone and searching may not be particularly fast. 

  • How do I add a marketing code?

    In order to enter a discount into GrantHub, you must:

    • Have an active GrantHub subscription, or a trial. If you are not an existing customer, and have not started a trial yet - please go to: to start a trial
    • Have a one year billing cycle. Marketing Codes can't be applied to subscriptions on the monthly billing cycle.
    • Only the Administrator can enter a Marketing Code. So have your GrantHub Administrator follow these steps


    Go to the Welcome blue box in the top right corner of GrantHub.

     Click on My Organization. 



    Go to the Subscription/Billing Tab.



    Type in your Marketing Code and click Save.







    Your discount will be taken off your next invoice. If you are a trial user - the discount will be applied to your first year's subscription if you choose to purchase. Please contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance.

  • How do you secure the connection to GrantHub? Do you use SSL/TLS? If so, what version do you support?

    We use SSL/TLS 1.2

  • Are any browser plug-ins or extensions required to use GrantHub?

    No additional plug-ins or extensions are required.

  • How is patch management done to ensure the OS, and database software and other applications used are kept current?

    GrantHub is hosted on the Windows Azure cloud platform. Microsoft handles the software updates and patching. Our database is also hosted by a 3rd party provider approved by Microsoft. They handle software updates and patching for the database server.

  • How does my organization's data get securely removed from GrantHub if my subscription ends?

    We keep the data in case a subscription is re-initiated to ease the return process. We do not have a specific policy on purging but it can be removed at the request of the customer.

  • Does GrantHub keep any audit logs?

    Yes, we track log-ins and audit many of the system actions, including updates and deletes.

  • What are the password requirements?

    After December 12, 2019, all GrantHub users will be required to use a password that is at least 15 characters in length.

    Why require longer passwords?

    Foundant Technologies prioritizes the security of our clients' information. As part of this ongoing effort, we are taking the steps to become SOC 2 compliant. SOC compliance is part of AICPA's (American Institute of CPAs) Service Organization Control reporting platform and is one of the most common compliance requirements for technology-focused organizations. Achieving and maintaining this compliance demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the privacy, confidentiality, and security of our clients' information. One element to achieve this compliance level is to require secure passwords for all our products, including GrantHub.

    What will change? 

    All GrantHub users will be required to set a password that is a minimum of 15 characters in length. If your password does not already meet this requirement, you will be prompted to update your password once this change takes effect. There are no requirements for using multiple character types in your new password, but we encourage you to consider your own organization's guidelines for creating secure passwords.


    If your password is not at least 15 characters - you will be prompted to update it the next time you login.

    • You will be guided through the process of updating your password to a minimum of 15 characters in length. 
    • If you’d like to update your password now – use this link: request an email with a password reset link
    • At any time, you can reset your password by selecting the ‘Need password help’ link on the GrantHub login page 
    • Here is a helpful article on setting up strong passwords.
  • Does GrantHub's price include taxes?

    Foundant / GrantHub is required to collect and remit sales tax from our customers located in certain state and local jurisdictions, including those jurisdictions where software delivered as a service is taxable and where we maintain a physical presence. We determine your local taxing jurisdiction based on the billing address on your account. Prices listed on do not take into account these taxes.  

    If you make a tax exempt purchase of GrantHub, you will have 30 days to send us your tax exemption information and receive a refund for the tax.

    Here are the steps to process a refund request:

    1. Within 30 days of your purchase, email a copy of your state tax exemption certificate to or fax a copy to 1-866-890-7790, “Attn: Tax Exempt”.
    2. The proper certification will be a form or letter from your state Department of Revenue verifying your sales tax exempt status. The letter from the IRS designating you as a 501c3 does not guarantee sales tax exemption, please do not submit that letter.
    3. Once we receive your request, we will notify you via email if your request has been approved or denied. If denied, we'll tell you why, and may request more information.
    4. If your request has been approved, a credit for the applicable tax amount will be applied to your credit card. Please allow up to 10 business days for the credit to appear on your statement.
  • Does GrantHub follow federal grant management requirements?

    Federal guidelines require that you have systems and processes in place to track grant funds, expenses, reimbursements and deliverables after you have been awarded a grant. Depending on what other systems you already have in place - GrantHub can significantly improve your grant management process. GrantHub supports the 'pre-award' cycle of grantseeking, and helping to track important due dates and deliverables throughout the grant period. At this time there is only a basic level of support for the 'post-award' management of grants. If you have accounting and project management systems already in place to handle the tracking of your expenses, personal time tracking, etc., then GrantHub can be a great tool to help your grant office track their proposal submission deadlines and documents. GrantHub can also help track and remind you of upcoming grant reports and other tasks. GrantHub does not currently have the individual grant budgeting and expenses tracking that is needed to manage the post-award tracking, execution and closing out of your grants.

  • Sample Reports out of GrantHub

    The graphics below demonstrate the standard reporting capabilities of GrantHub. These reports are pre-built and set up to be run with little to no effort. You are also able to set filters, change date ranges and switch between number of grants or value of grants. 

    Opportunities by Status totaled by Dollars:

    Opportunity Win Percentage totaled by Dollars:

    Opportunity Deadlines by Month totaled by Count:

    Amount by Funder totaled by Dollars with Category filter:

    Tasks by Status:

    Funder Awards Summary:

    Dashboard View: 

    In addition to the graphical reports shown above, you are able to access list views for your Funders, Opportunities and Deadlines. You can export your list views directly to pdf or to Excel for further analysis if needed.

  • Will I receive a CD of software in the mail?

    The wonderful thing about GrantHub is that the software is cloud-based and can be used within your web browser when you have access to the internet. We will not send you anything in the mail! GrantHub was designed to be accessed from any computer, tablet, or other mobile device, creating full collaboration at all times within an organization. 

  • What are your recommendations for a consultant to use GrantHub?

    For consultants who are providing grant writing and other types of consulting - it is ideal if each nonprofit organization have their own subscription to GrantHub. But sometimes that isn’t a viable option. Depending on the organization and situation, one of these scenarios should apply:

    1. The consultant can secure a GrantHub subscription on behalf of the client. The consultant would be ‘Administrator’, and set up ‘Writer’ and ‘Viewer’ roles to collaborate with the nonprofit’s fundraising and program staff. The consultant can pass along the cost of the subscription to the client, and ownership / administration can be transferred to the client at a later time.
    2. The consultant can instruct the client to secure their own GrantHub subscription from the start. In this case the client would be the ‘Administrator’ and would need to set up a ‘Writer’ role for the consultant, as well as other ‘Writer’ and ‘Viewer’ roles for staff collaboration.
    3. Consultants can set up multiple clients within their own GrantHub subscription. No other users or roles should be created because you will be managing private information for multiple clients in this subscription.
    4. Consultants can purchase a bundle of GrantHub subscriptions to manage on behalf of their larger clients. This way you could give clients access into their own account where they can log into and be assigned tasks. Contact us for pricing information on this option.

    Logging into Multiple GrantHub Subscriptions: In options 1, 2 or 4 above, a consultant may find themselves set up as a user in multiple GrantHub subscriptions. If this is the case, the consultant will simply select which organization they would like to log into using the menu item under the blue welcome box in the upper right corner of GrantHub.

    Setting up Multiple Clients in your own GrantHub (Option 3): There are a few methods you can use to keep grants for multiple clients organized and manageable. They are as follows:

    1. Funders: Maintain 1 master list of Funders. It is recommended that you do NOT duplicate Funder records for each client. (If you decide to do this, be sure to append the client name to the Funder name so you can tell them apart.)
    2. Opportunity Name: This isn't required, but including an abbr. of the clients name within the Opportunities name is helpful when reading reminders. For example:
      1. “BBBS – Gilroy Foundation Grant 2015”
      2. “Ada Food Bank – Walmart Foundation Grant Fall 2015”
    3. Opportunity Category - Identify Client: In the ‘Categories’ field on each Opportunity record, type in the name of the client who this grant request is for. Once you create the client in your category field once, it will be available in a drop down for you to select in the future.
      • Add an entry into the Category field = Client Name (ex. Kala's Soup Kitchen)
    4. Answer Library: When entering items into the Answer Library, simply use a 'Tag' to identify which client the answer is related to.
    5. Reporting: You will need to filter the reports in order to separate the totals for a particular client from all the rest.
      1. Select the pre-built report you want to prepare for the client. There is a drop down field at the top of each report for 'Opportunity Category'. Click on this drop down to select which client your are running the report for.
    6. If you are looking to provide a List of potential Funders for your client:
      1. Once you find a potential fit, add the Funder to GrantHub, and also add a Opportunity under that Funder. This Opportunity represents a specific funding request. If your client is eligible for multiple grants/programs from that Funder, enter those as Opportunities under that Funder as well.
      2. Enter as much information about deadlines, etc. that you find during your research. If you do not have specific dates or amounts, simply put in reasonable placeholders (Proposal Deadline = 12/31/year, Status = Research, Category = Client Name).
      3. To deliver a list of these Potential Funding Opportunities to your client, use the Report section of GrantHub. Select the pre-built report 'Opportunities by Status' and select the time frame you are interested in. Then select the 'Client Name' in the Opportunity Category filter. This will pull all Opportunities for that client in the time frame. If you scroll below the graph, you will see list of Opportunities. If you only want to show those that are in 'Research' status, type in 'Research' into the search box at the top of the list. Or if you want to show just 'Awarded' or 'Submitted', you can filter on those as well. Then you can export to Excel, or PDF, or whatever format you wish. 
  • What do I do if I don't want to continue with GrantHub?

    We wish GrantHub was the perfect solution for you, but we understand that we may not fit every organization's needs. If you didn't provide us with credit card information at the beginning of the process, you can just let your trial or subscription lapse and no longer log in to your account.

    Before canceling you have the opportunity to export and download any information you entered into GrantHub. There are 'Excel/CSV' buttons on most of the list pages to help you export your data.  

    • List of Funders – Export to CSV on Funder page
    • List of Funder Contacts – Export to CSV on Funder page
    • List of Opportunities – Export to CSV on Opportunities
    • List of Tasks - Export to CSV on deadlines page
    • Answers – Export on Answer Library page. (Zip file containing 1 word doc with all the text answers & all the files for the remainder)

    If there are any documents you would like pulled out of the system, go through GrantHub and click the download button to save the documents to your own system. 

    If you need all files, please contact and we can assist you.

    When you have all the information you need and are ready to cancel your account - follow the steps below.

    1. Go to the top right hand corner - and click on the blue box. 

    Image title

    2.  Choose My Organization from the drop down.

    Image title

    3.  Select the Subscription/Billing Info Tab.

    Image title

    4. Click the Cancel Trial button.

    Image title

    If you inserted a credit card in your My Organization during your trial or subscription click on the Remove button to remove your credit card. You can then let your subscription lapse and no longer log in to your account.

    If you have any additional questions, please use the chat at the bottom right-hand corner or call us at 800-347-7790.

  • How do I change the Administrator?

    By using the current administrator's account the admin can be changed through the users section under the my organization portion of the site. Follow the steps below in order to change the administrator:

    Click the drop down arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the system.


    From the drop down list select My Organization. This will bring you into the basic organization section of your GrantHub system. You will then select the users section from the tab options. 

    Once in the users tab you will click on the change admin button and select the user that you would like to change to the admin. Than hit save. 

    Please email if you have any issues while changing the administrator or if you have any questions about the process. 

  • How do I find out what my username is to log in for GrantHub?

    If you are the GrantHub Administrator, your username is the email address you entered during registration.

    Otherwise, you should receive an email from GrantHub with a link to verify your account when the Administrator created your account.

    The email address that this verification email was sent to is your username. You will set your password when you click on the link to verify your account.

    Please contact if you are still unable to log in.

  • Do you have an integration with any financial or donor management systems?

    At this time we do not have any specific APIs or integrations with other fundraising or accounting systems. 

    However, there is a link in each Funder record where you can associate, or link them to another online system. You can use this link to associate the Funder in GrantHub with details in a web-based Donor Management System (DMS), financial system or Constituent/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. 

    To use the custom link field, simply enter the link into the field and click 'Save'. Users can then click the icon to the right of the link to open it up in another browser tab.

    You can also easily export your Funders, Opportunities, or Awarded Opportunities/grants from GrantHub by using our export to CSV or Excel. And then you can easily upload into your DMS / CRM. Most systems support imports from CSV/Excel files.

  • How do I contact GrantHub Support?

    Our Support hours are Monday-Friday from 7 am to 6 pm Mountain Time.

    There are 4 different ways you can contact our Support Team:

    1. Call our Support Team at (877) 297-0043 or (406) 922-5200.
    2. Email our Support Team at
    3. Live Chat while you are logged into GrantHub. Just click the Chat with Us! bar in the bottom right-hand corner of your web browser.
    4. Submit a support ticket by clicking here.
  • I'm new to my Organization and GrantHub, what is the best way to get acquainted with my Organization's information?

    Welcome to GrantHub and congratulations on your new position! We know there are a lot of things to learn when starting a new position. GrantHub wants to make things as easy on you as possible.

    Gaining Access:

    • To gain access to GrantHub, you will need to be added as a user by the administrator (the person who created the account). If the person who you have replaced was the administrator and they did not leave their login credentials, please contact our Support Team.
    • If you have been added as a user, you will receive an email to activate your login. You are unable to move forward if you don't use this secure link in the email. This link in this email is only valid for 48 hours. If your email is older than 48 hours or you didn't receive an email, please contact our Support Team. *Also check your junk or spam folder for the email!
    • Once you have been able to successfully log in, you can see here what you are able to do as a Writer User Role or a Viewer User Role: User Permissions

    Learning the Basics:

    • When starting with GrantHub, please watch our tutorial videos here.
    • When reviewing your Organization's specific data, take special note of upcoming Deadlines and the Notes tab on Funders and Opportunities.
      • Deadlines will show you when tasks are due for Opportunities or a Proposal Deadline. You will get a view of what your next month of work will look like.
      • The Notes tab on the Funder and Opportunity records will be the place to document special circumstances. Please review this area along with descriptions on each record for information.

    Please feel free to reach out to our Support Team with any questions or to schedule a quick review session once you have watched all the tutorial videos.

  • What are the System Requirements and supported browsers for GrantHub?

    System Requirements for using GrantHub

    GrantHub is a 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) online application compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile devices. An active, persistent internet connection is required to access GrantHub.

    The following browsers are supported on the platforms listed below:

    Windows: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

    Mac: Safari

    iOS Mobile: Safari

    While you can access GrantHub from many versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, GrantHub will perform optimally when used with the latest available browser version. Earlier versions, as well as developer or pre-release browser versions, may work but are not officially supported.

  • How do I enter or update my credit card information?

    To update your credit card information, follow these easy steps!

    1. Click on the top right-hand button that says, "Welcome, Your Name"

    2. Select My Organization

    3. Click on the Subscription/Billing Info

    4. Click on Enter Payment Information

    5. Insert your billing address

    6. Enter your credit card information


    Click Subscribe!



  • My user didn't get their new user registration email. Can I resend it? How can they log in and set their password?

    The administrator is the only user that has access to resend the user activation email. Log into GrantHub, go to Welcome, Your Name. 

    Click My Organization

    Go to the Users tab

    Go to the user that is inactive. 

    Click the blue button to the right with the check mark. 

    This will resend the email and insert a new link for user activation. 

    This link expires after 48 hours. 

    If the user still does not get the confirmation email, contact and we can find that email and make sure it is sent out. 

  • What are the terms and conditions for GrantHub?

    The terms, conditions and hosting agreement for GrantHub can be found:

  • Will I receive a receipt for my GrantHub subscription?

    When you are ready to purchase GrantHub you can put your credit card in on the subscription and billing information section, see a tutorial HERE. After you have entered your credit card information and the payment has been run through our accounting software you will receive an email containing a receipt. If you do not receive your receipt please reach out to our support team and they will be able to get you your receipt. 

  • What is GrantHub's security and hosting policy?

    Because GrantHub hosts client data, building our application upon a reliable and secure hosting service is absolutely critical to our business. We have partnered with Microsoft Azure as our trusted cloud service provider. GrantHub runs on servers in state-of-the-art data facilities, complete with physical security, backup diesel generators and a dedicated firewall to safeguard against cyber-attacks. The servers are fully backed up each night with copies kept both onsite as well as offsite at another facility. Additional backups are performed in real-time throughout the day. We take the security of your data very seriously and work to provide a solution that is often more secure and reliable than many organizations could afford on their own.

    For additional information - refer to our Terms and Conditions agreement found here: and also Microsoft Azure's Security and Trust Center information found here:

  • What happens if two different users are editing the same Opportunity or Task?

    If two users are working on the same Opportunity concurrently, the changes made to the Opportunity that will save will be the changes made by the last user to click the save button. If two users are working in GrantHub but not editing the same Opportunity concurrently, there are no ramifications.