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  • How do I edit GuideStar answers?

    GrantHub has an integration with GuideStar where we automatically populate your Answer Library with information from your GuideStar profile. This is done automatically after you save your organization's Tax ID in your GrantHub account.

    Since we want to accurately reflect the information in your current GuideStar profile – we do not allow you to modify those answers in GrantHub; this includes deleting and archiving. Go to to learn about updating your GuideStar profile.

    If you make any modifications to your GuideStar profile, the new information will sync with GrantHub and the changes will be reflected. Clicking Refresh GuideStar Answers in the answer library will overwrite the GuideStar answers in GrantHub with the information in your current GuideStar profile, but they will never overwrite answers you already put into GrantHub. 

    If you’d like to see just the answers you personally put into your Answer Library, simply change the Filter in the upper left to view ‘View My Answers’.

  • Is there a limit to the number of documents or storage with GrantHub?

    We have a guideline of 10 MB for a maximum file size and 20 GB for storage space. If you need more than 20 GB of storage for your system we can give you an extra 20 GB for $150.

  • How do you store documents in GrantHub for proposals that include attachments?

    We have an answer library where you can store all of the ‘attachments’ that you typically are asked for (like: your org’s annual report, 501c3 and other static docs). Here are some recommendations in terms of ‘do you attach’ all those documents to the grant record. And if not - is there some other way of indicating what was sent.


    There are a couple of recommendations:

    • We have a large storage limit, and you could upload all of the files you submitted to the grant opportunity record so you have a complete package of what was submitted. If you pull them from our Answer Library, we help put them into 1 zip file, so you can simplify the number of files listed in your grant docs by putting them into 1 zip file and attaching that. But it would be a best practice to leave the actual proposal document (or a copy of what you entered into the online form) as a separate attachment so you can easily find and read it.
    • You could add a note to the grant opportunity listing the ‘supporting documents’ that you sent in. This way you don’t take up storage to attach them repeatedly. But there is a record of what you sent in. And since these file can be included in your answer library – they are also being backed up and managed, even if they aren’t attached to every grant opportunity record.
  • Can I delete an answer in the Answer Library?

    You are able to delete any answer that you have created or imported into the answer library. The only answers you are not able to delete are your GuideStar answers. This is to avoid accidental deletion.

    To delete an answer simply find the answer that you are looking for and click on the red trash can button under the actions section of the answer record. 

    Image title

    Once you select this button a pop-up should appear asking you to type DELETE. Once you type this in and hit the delete button the answer will be deleted out of the system.


  • Is there a place to keep my SAMS number in GrantHub?

    SAMS is a record/number that nonprofit organizations need before they can apply for a government grant. It is necessary to update it at least once a year in order to keep your SAMS number in an active state.

    It is recommended that GrantHub users print their SAMS record to pdf and upload it to the Answer Library. Here they will be able to set an expiration date. You should also consider setting yourself a task as a reminder to update it before it expires. You can set a general task that isn't connected to a funder or opportunity on the Tasks tab found on the My Profile page. (My Profile can be accessed by selecting the blue 'Welcome, Your Name' menu in the upper right corner of your screen.)

  • When inserting answers, what is the field labeled Tags?

    Tags help you search within the Answer Library. Tags are keywords that can be typed into the search area to find an answer quickly rather than scrolling through all your answers.

    A tag is a common word or set of words you will use for multiple insertions of details. For example, if you have answers for multiple specific projects you can tag them based on project name, such as Keep Kids in School. 

    If you are a consultant, you may want to tag answers by the client name so you can quickly filter out answers for each client.

  • My export from the Answer Library is in a zip folder, what do I do with that?

    Since your export can include text answers, spreadsheets, pdfs, word documents, etc, we zip them into a folder for ease of organization.

    Go to your Downloads folder, right click and select Extract All to edit or work with your documents. When extracting, you will then be able to choose the location on your computer for these files.

    Now you can edit these files, attach on applications and move them around individually on your computer.

  • Video Tutorial: Adding to Your Answer Library

    A quick training video showing you how to add answers to the answer library.

    If you have any questions about this tutorial please contact our support team by emailing