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  • Knowledge Base to Support Hub Transition FAQ


    Previously, Foundant's knowledge base has been accessible via the following links:

    In the past, we've encouraged you to bookmark the relevant homepage link(s) and any article links as desired so that you can efficiently access them as needed. With the migration to our new Support Hub, the above links (and any links to specific articles you've saved) are changing, so any bookmarks you've created will need to be changed as well.

    Below are the new links for accessing our Support Hub:


    Managing Bookmarks

    Here are several resources referring to different browser types and how to manage bookmarks within those browsers: 

    We recommend that you visit the relevant links for our new Support Hub, then create new bookmarks for those pages. You can also access specific articles in the Support Hub and bookmark those pages as well.


    Important Dates

    Below are some important dates relating to the transition between our knowledge bases:

    • September 15th - Date the new Support Hub goes fully live!
    • December 31st - Date when the old links will no longer function.



    Am I still going to be able to chat with support from the Support Hub? 

    • Yes! You can start a chat with our support team from the Support Hub or from the Foundant Help Menu while working in your site. 

    Will I still be able to find old articles I had specifically bookmarked?

    • If you had an article specifically bookmarked from the old knowledge base, you will need to find it in the Support Hub and bookmark it there. 
      • For example, if I had this version of Site Data Settings article bookmarked in the old knowledge base, I would need to go to this version of the Site Data Settings article and bookmark it instead. 

    Will you still be updating the old knowledge base until it becomes unavailable?

    • We will focus our efforts on updating and adding articles into our new Support Hub instead of our old knowledge base. 



  • Release 1.1 on June 12, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central for Release 1.1

    1. New Reports! You will now be able to see Opportunities by Month and Amount by Funder. We have also defaulted to the past year as dates in the reporting tool.
    2. Administrators now have the ability to renew unpaid subscriptions without contacting Support.
    3. Deadline notifications are set to send emails at 7 days and 2 days before due date. We also have coded an email to be sent on the due date. This email notification cannot be altered as we felt it was very beneficial to everyone.
    4. The default task owner is the user logged in creating the tasks.
    5. The Notification Date field on an Opportunity has been update to Funder's Notification Date (when you expect to hear back on your grant application).
    6. Now you know when to update your Board Member list or 990 in the Answer Library! There is now a notification on Answer Library items when they have passed their expiration date.
    7. When inserting Opportunities, the Application Type field is no longer required. We understand if you are in the research phase, you won't know this information!

    These new features were released previously but we wanted to call out new functionality:

    1. 990 Finder! Search for 990s in Foundation Center (this does not include a membership to Foundation Center)
    2. Who funded this Organization Search! Looking for new grantmakers? Search by EIN or Organization name to see who has funded this organization in the past.
  • Release 1.2 on June 26, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central for Release 1.2.

    1. Time stamps on all notes in GrantHub are now your local time zone.
    2. A character counter has been added to all text Answer Library items.
    3. When you copy an Opportunity from the Awarded, Denied or Withdrawn status, you can now copy all associated tasks!
    4. A new visual save indicator on all GrantHub forms to avoid confusion during the save process.
    5. Now Organizations have the ability to add up to additional 4 writer roles. *Additional writers above the 2 included in the standard price are a $150 each.
    6. GrantHub improved the flow of copying opportunities and adding tasks, notes, and answers by requiring fewer clicks.
  • Release 1.3 on July 6, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    Import Funder data from GuideStar and Foundation Center directly into GrantHub with one click. You can do this in GrantHub from 2 different areas:

    • Resources Page – Use the Who Funded This Organization tab and search for like nonprofits, then once a result is found, click on the button “View Past Funders”, here you will see the button to “Import As Funder”. Click the “Import As Funder” button and then click Import.
    • Funder Page – Type in the name of the Funder in the Funder Name field and click the GuideStar Lookup button, once you find a Funder, click on the button “Import as Funder”. Click the “Import As Funder” button and then click Import. Also, if there is an EIN or Tax Id on the funder AND they have a GuideStar Detail Profile, that data will be available on the Funder Details page in a separate tab.

    When copying an Opportunity and you have no tasks assigned but leave the checkbox checked, the screen won’t keep spinning. We fixed this small issue.

  • Release 1.4 on September 9, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see in after 9am Central.


    • GrantHub has made multiple changes to the Opportunity page.  There are now save buttons at the top of the page, all fields are now available without changing the status to Awarded, Denied or Withdrawn, and the required field text has been updated.
    • When adding new users, the Administrator now has the ability to resend the activation email to the user. There is a new button to resend the email on the Users tab in the My Organization area of GrantHub. A user can also request a new account confirmation email from the account confirmation page if the token on their original email has expired.
    • GrantHub has updated the filter buttons on the Funders, Opportunity and Deadline main pages. Instead of the previous toggle, we now have a drop down for easier user experience.
    • GrantHub has fixed the issue with updating email addresses for users. If an administrator has mis-typed a new user’s email address, the administrator was unable to update without reaching out to GrantHub Support. The administrator can now update the email address.
    • GrantHub has fixed an issue with tasks not being copied to an Opportunity in certain circumstances.
    • GrantHub has fixed an issue with the save button not being disabled while the page is in the process of saving.

    Please feel free to reach out to Support with any questions. We are available from 8am to 5pm Mountain Time via chat on GrantHub, on email or by phone 800-347-4481.

  • Release 1.5 on October 26, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see after 9am Central.

    1. Reporting received a few updates. We have updated a few graphs to display data in a better way. We have added filters for Opportunity Owner, Funding Type, Funder Type and Category. We also now have the ability to export all data from the report in a PDF, CSV, Excel files or to print. The ability to filter on Category and export data were frequently requested updates from our users!

    2. GrantHub will not send reminder emails for an upcoming Opportunity Deadline if the status is submitted. This is also a specific request from users!

    3. We have added another Funding Type on the Opportunity called Sponsorships. This was a request from a group of participants in a demonstration.

    4. We have added some helpful explanations to the Resources area to better help you navigate which tools to use and when.

    5. We have updated the Links tab in the Resources area where you can customize and insert your organization’s frequently used resource links. Use this area to insert your regional grant searching website for quick access.

    6. When copying Opportunities, all the information in the details tab will copy over to the new Opportunity.

    7. When copying Opportunities, if you had more than 10 tasks, any tasks above 10 wouldn’t show for editing in the popup. We have also removed the word copy from the task name and fixed a bug with the date picker not working.

    8. We have updated the Contact Quick Add so all the fields are available for insertion in 1 click.

    9. We have added the ability to export all of the deadlines from the Deadlines area.

    10. We fixed an issue with Opportunities not being correctly aggregated on the Funder Summary.

  • Release 1.6 December 21, 2015 8am to 9am CST

    GrantHub will be releasing new functionality on Monday, December 21 from 8am to 9am Central. During this period, you could encounter slower movement in the system but still be able to use GrantHub.

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central. 

    1. It’s finally here! Now you can add Custom notifications on Opportunities and Tasks. GrantHub now has a way to add lead days to each opportunity or task, enabling you to receive a custom reminder email by setting the number of lead days. Set your 2 default reminders to a shorter time frame, and use the Custom Reminder Lead Days to set a reminder to come even earlier. This field can only take numeric integers.
    2. We now have the ability for a trial user to cancel their free trial and stop the automated emails that are sent from the system. This setting is found in the Subscription tab under My Organization. This will not show for customers who have already been charged.
    3. We fixed a few issues:
      • Deleting an Opportunity also deleted a category from the drop down list.
      • When starting a new Opportunity from under the Funder, the Funder name didn’t auto-populate.
      • When adding a new contact from the Opportunity detail page, the new contact didn’t save.
      • We updated a task to say Task Name instead of just Name to help clarify where you are in the system. 
  • Release 1.7 March 2, 2016 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

    1. Thanks to all the suggestions coming in, we have a new layout and organization for the Documents tab under Opportunities. You now have the ability to see which task documents are attached to an Opportunity on one screen!
    2. We have the ability to take discount codes within GrantHub now.
    3. We now have the ability to keep your filters, sorting and number of items shown when looking at lists of Funders, Opportunities and Deadlines. These settings will persist during your GrantHub session. If you are inactive for more than 1 hour or logout, you will need to reselect them.
    4. A new date field has been added - based on a lot of user feedback, tracking the date submitted on an Opportunity! Now when you move an Opportunity to submitted status, you will see a Date Submitted field to track this date. Also this field displays on all report exports.
    5. Another widely requested feature from users - a way to indicate a rolling deadline on an Opportunity. This rolling icon also shows on the list of Opportunities and Deadlines, so you immediately know which deadlines might be flexible.
    6. We added the Funder Type to deadlines export.
    7. We also changed the 2nd default reminder in GrantHub from 1 day to 5 days.Note:
      • *This is only reflected for new accounts.
    8. We fixed a few issues:
      • Document count, task count, and opportunity count on the tabs were not updating correctly on some pages.
      • We weren’t charging sales tax on some accounts.
      • We were seeing duplicate tags on answers in the Answer Library.
      • We were seeing reminder emails sent on due dates of Opportunities when the status was in submitted.
      • We updated our emails to trial users.
      • When deleting some information, the deletion didn’t show as successful until the page was refreshed.
  • Release 1.8 March 31, 2016 8am to 9am CST

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

      • GrantHub has integrated our Answer Library with GuideStar. Now our Answer Library will pull commonly used information from your GuideStar profile as separate answers. These are imported as text and file formats. To enable GrantHub to pull information from your GuideStar profile, go to your My Organization area and insert your EIN on the basic information tab. Then go to your Answer Library and click the GuideStar Refresh button to populate your answers. Users are unable to edit the GuideStar entries in the Answer Library. If they are out of date, we encourage you to update your profile on GuideStar’s website and refresh.
      • We fixed a few issues:
      1. When a user leaves the ‘Custom reminder lead days’ on an Opportunity blank, a system note was created. This no longer occurs.
      2. We have updated the Funder details page when you choose the “Other” selection in the Funder Type drop down the EIN field remains available.
      3. We’ve deployed a fix to reduce some instances of duplicate email reminders.
  • Release 1.9 May 19, 2016 8am to 9am CDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9am Central.

    1. When opportunities and tasks are created the notification email is now optional.

    2. The contact prefix field has been changed from a drop down list to a textbox

    3. The messaging when importing answers into the answer library from GuideStar has been improved.

    4. GrantHub subscription renewal reminder emails will be sent to administrators 25, 15, and 2 days before the end of the subscription.

    5. New 14 day trial registrations will have the option of adding a set of sample data to their organization to help them understand the benefits of a GrantHub subscription. This sample data will contain a Sample Funder, opportunities and tasks. All of this sample data can be quickly and easily removed later on by deleting the ‘Sample Funder’.
  • Release 1.10 June 22, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time.

    1. The Dashboard has been updated with additional opportunity and deadlines information.
    2. Opportunities can now have multiple entries in the Category field.
    3. The administrator now has the ability to select another user as the organization’s GrantHub Administrator.
    4. Tax ID Lookup will now show “0 Results Returned” when no results are found.
    5. The Amount Awarded will show in place of ‘Amount Requested’ on the Opportunities list when the ‘View Decided’ Status Filter is selected.
  • Release 1.11 July 6, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8 am Mountain Time.

    1. A new report, Tasks by Status, has been added. This report will show all tasks grouped by status within the selected date range and can be filtered by Owner, Funder, and Opportunity.

    2. Opportunity and Task names on the detail section of GrantHub Reports are now linked to the specific opportunity or task.

    3. A graph showing the funding history for the past ten years has been added to the Funder Details.

    4. The Funder Summary totals on the Funder Details have also been updated. The totals have been reformatted for easier reading at a glance and now include the Average Award Amount.

    5. Administrators now have the ability to update their organization credit card from within GrantHub.

  • Release 1.12 August 7, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time.

    1. GreatNonprofits stories in the My Organization section can be imported into the Answer Library.

    2. A Filter has been added to the Answer Library.

    3. Answers in the Answer Library can now be archived or deleted.

    4. Viewers can now be selected when filtering by Owner in Reporting.

    5. Users will have to confirm their intent by typing ‘DELETE’ before they can delete any Funder, Opportunity, Task or Answer record from GrantHub.

    6. When adding a funder address it will no longer be automatically marked as the primary address.

  • Release 1.12.3 August 19, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time.

    1. Renewal reminder emails have been updated for clarity.

    2. Name, Owner and Expiration date of GreatNonprofits and GuideStar answers can now be edited.

    3. The search and paging will persist when returning to the opportunities list.

  • Release 1.12.4 October 6, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time.

    1. Delete warning messages have been updated for clarity.

    2. The specific renewal date has been added to renewal reminder emails.

    3. Users will now be logged out after 45 minutes of inactivity.

    4. A bug causing duplicate notes has been fixed.

    We have addressed some performance issues. We are continuing to work on other ways to decrease the time it takes to return pages in GrantHub. If you still experience issues - please contact our support via chat or email (

  • Release 1.13 October 25, 2016 7am to 8am MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time.

    1. Users now have the option to send themselves an assignment notification email when creating new opportunities and tasks.

    2. Opportunity Funding Type has been changed from a required to optional field.

    3. The dashboard has been updated from current year overdue deadlines to all overdue deadlines.

    4. The Opportunity fields ‘Date Submitted’ and ‘Funder Contact’ are now included when you export your Opportunity list to Excel.

  • Release 1.14 December 6, 2016 7am to 8am MST

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time. 

    1. Monthly payment option now available. You can now pay for your annual subscription in 12 payments of $75. If you would like to change your billing settings, please contact

    2. Organization fiscal year can now be set in your Preferences. This will modify your Dashboard, the default date range in reporting and the funding summary chart on your funder detail pages to use your fiscal year.

    3. The default view when you select the Opportunities page has been changed to View Open Opportunities instead of View All Opportunities.

    4. Amount Requested and Amount Awarded are now both visible on the Opportunities page for all Status Filter selections.

  • Release 1.15 February 7, 2017 7am to 8am MST

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8am Mountain Time. 

    1. A new opportunity status “Awarded-Closed” has been added. This new status can be used to differentiate between the grants that are Awarded and still active vs those that have been closed. Awarded-Closed will be included with Awarded grants on the Opportunity Win Percentage and the Amount By Funder reports. Awarded-Closed will be shown as a separate status on the Opportunities By Status and the Opportunity Deadlines By Month reports.

    2. An error message will now display when entering a note that exceeds the 10,000 character limit.

    3. The funder website now has a clickable icon which will open the page in a new tab.

    4. An additional url field has been added to the Funder Details for linking the funder, typically within other web based software.

    5. In addition to GrantHub for grantseekers, Foundant Technologies offers a grants management software for grant makers called Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM). When you are applying to a funder that uses GLM to accept applications online, you can now copy details about the grant program to an opportunity in your GrantHub account.

  • Release 1.16 April 25, 2017 7pm to 8pm MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 

    1. When assigning ownership to tasks and opportunities, the drop down list of users will be displayed alphabetically.
    2. As a measure to improve security and protect against malware, allowed file types have been restricted in GrantHub file uploads. A list of allowed file types can be found in our Help Center
    3. Error messaging has been improved when uploading documents. 
    4. The registration page instructions have been updated for clarity.
    5. Users will now be redirected back to the deadlines list after saving a task.
    6. In system alerts have been added to the software to notify users of releases or system issues.
  • Release 1.17 May 18, 2017 8pm to 9pm MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9pm Mountain Time. 

    1. A filter has been added to the list of notes. By default only user created notes will be selected.
    2. When copying opportunities the tasks will be listed in order by due date.
    3. When copying opportunities the funder contact will be included on the new copy.
    4. A link to the Grant Readiness Assessment Strategy Prep tool has been added to Resources.
    5. A new categories field has been added to funders. Funder categories will display on the funders list and can be used to filter reports.
  • Release 1.18 July 6, 2017 7pm to 8pm MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time.

    1. A Funder Documents tab has been added to the Funder Detail page for storing general funder documents. Documents associated with a grant or sponsorship should still be added to the documents tab on that specific  opportunity.
    2. The list of items you enter in the Funder Category and Opportunity Category fields can now be edited and categories can be deleted.
    3. Documents can now be saved to a new Task upon creation instead of needing to save the task before uploading documents.
  • Release 1.19 August 15, 2017 8pm to 9pm MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9pm Mountain Time.

    1. The funder and opportunity on a task can now be edited directly on the task details.
    2. An improved error message has been added when a user enters a duplicate user email address.
    3. The instructions on the payment page for expired trials have been updated for clarity.
  • Release 1.20 October 26, 2017 8pm to 9pm MDT

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 9pm Mountain Time.

    1. A notification email will now be sent to the task owner when the task due date or owner is changed.
    2. The opportunity or task description is now included in deadline exports.
    3. A Note field has been added to Funder contacts for recording additional information about the contact.
    4. Opportunity assigned and opportunity reminder emails now include whether a deadline is a rolling deadline or not.
    5. View Awarded status filter will now only show opportunities with a status of Awarded.
    6. In the Reporting area, a right click to save report images has been replaced with a ‘click here to save’ link.
  • Release 1.20.5 January 2, 2018

    Your GrantHub subscription now gives you Full Membership Access to for your grants research and proposal development! (value of $699)                     

    You will have access to all of their Member Benefits including:        

    • Search through their listings of active grantmakers;
    • Write winning proposals with their tutorials;
    • Learn to create your grants strategy with their tools;

    If you would like guidance on how to use GrantStation: 

    To access within your GrantHub account, click on ‘Resources’, and select the GrantStation tab. Once you are on the GrantStation tab, click the GrantStation logo to open another tab on your browser and begin searching for grantmakers. 

    NOTE: Access to is only available for GrantHub customers. If you are still in your trial period, you will not see the GrantStation tab under Resources unless you purchase GrantHub. 

  • Release 1.21 February 15, 2018 7pm to 8pm Mountain Time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 

    1. GrantHub’s subscription payment form has been updated and improved. 

    2. New passwords will need to be between 10 and 32 characters. You do not need to make any changes to your current password to continue using GranHub.

    3. Resolved issue where Category fields were not displaying correctly in Chrome.

    4. The ‘View All’ status filter on the Opportunities list will now persist when selected.

    5. Tasks that were originally created on a Funder can now be reassigned to a specific Opportunity.

    6. The GrantStation link found under the ‘Resource’ section will now open up in a Safari browser without having to right click. You will still need to allow popups from GrantHub in order for the window to open.

  • Release 2018.02, April 24, 2018 7pm to 8pm Mountain Time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 


    New Features:


    • Tasks can now be copied. 

    • Funder Contacts can now be exported. From the funders tab click on the Contacts to Excel/CSV to download all of the contacts for the funders shown.

    • Direct links to relevant Help articles have been added throughout GrantHub.




    • The Funders csv export will now include the full Funder Description, the primary address, and all social media links.

    • Task updated notification emails will now include the Funder Name and Opportunity Name when applicable.

    • The Opportunities list will now show a column for Opportunity Categories.

    • Account confirmation emails for new users have been updated with role specific help links.


    Bug Fixes:


    • The Funder Summary Chart has been updated to show the current fiscal year when the fiscal year is different than the calendar year.

  • Release 2018.03 July 12, 2018, 7pm to 8pm Mountain Time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 


    • Improved indication when a user’s session has timed out: For security purposes, GrantHub automatically ends your session if you have been inactive for more than 45 minutes. With this release, a warning message will now show two minutes before you are timed out. And once a user has been timed out, they will be redirected to the login page. 

    • Maintenance and tuning of our GuideStar and Foundation Center integrations: We have updated the code that pulls data from these partner sources. These integrations include the information displayed on a Funder’s GuideStar and 990s tabs, as well as the ‘Who Funded This Organization’ functionality found under the Resource tab.  

  • Release 2018.03.1 August 7, 2018, 7pm to 8pm Mountain time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 


    • Performance enhancements when accessing, viewing and filtering ‘Deadlines’ within GrantHub. This improvement will be most notable in accounts that have large amounts of deadlines.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Users are now able to use the cancel button when performing a GuideStar Lookup on a funder.

    • New Follow up Tasks will list the name and owner without the internal task ID, when displayed in the opportunity task list.

  • Release 2018.04 December 18, 2018, 7 pm to 8 pm Mountain time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 

    New Feature:

    • Deadlines Calendar View - The Deadlines page can now be toggled between list view and calendar view. When in calendar view, all deadlines will be displayed for the selected month and each individual deadline name will be linked to the associated Opportunity or Task detail page. All functionality on the deadlines list view will remain the same.

  • Release 2018.05 January 10, 2019 7pm to 8pm Mountain Time

    Below are some highlights you will see in GrantHub after 8pm Mountain Time. 


    New Features:


    • iCalendar support: Notification and reminder emails now have an .ics file attachment which helps you quickly and easily add the task to your calendar. Now you can save the task on the date it is due, or select another day/time when you wish to schedule work on the activity. iCalendar functionality is compatible with the major calendar software applications, including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. 




    • The new GrantStation Dashboard - which allows you to create and save search criteria for your best funder matches - can now be accessed through your GrantHub subscription. You can learn more about GrantStation’s new Dashboard feature here: 


    Bug Fixes:


    • GuideStar answers are now syncing to the GrantHub Answer Library correctly.

    • Line breaks are no longer being omitted from notification emails.