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  • Funder Awards Summary

    The funder awards summary allows you to quickly look at your past 10 years worth of funding with a specific funder. 

    • This information is populated using opportunities that are awarded or denied. 
    • They year of the grant is determined using the date found in the 'Decision Date' field of the opportunity. 
    • GrantHub also takes into account your fiscal year settings when calculating this amount.
    • If the grant is awarded, GrantHub pulls in the amount from the field 'Amount Awarded'. 
    • If the opportunity was Denied, GrantHub uses the amount in the field 'Amount Requested'. 
    • Awarded opportunities will show in the chart as green and denied opportunities will show in the chart as red.

    In order to pull the graph out of the system for meetings or board reports simply right click on the image and save it as an image.

  • How do I delete a funder?

    To delete a funder click on the delete icon in the right column of the funders list.

  • What is a Custom Link?

    In addition to the website, the funder details has a custom link field which can be used for any other link associated with the funder, such as a web-based DMS or CRM.

    To use the custom link field simply enter the link into the field and click save.

    Then click the icon to the right of the link to open it in a new page.

  • Do you have an import utility in GrantHub to upload Funders and past grant information?

    GrantHub's import feature is not available for customers to access directly. Instead, we ask that you send us a spreadsheet containing a list of your funders and, if applicable, your grant history. Just contact us at and we will work with you to make sure you have all the information you will need and that it is in the right format. Once your spreadsheet is in the right format, we will import the information into the correct GrantHub fields for you. This will save you the time of entering them by hand.

    Our import/upload service is provided at no additional charge, but we ask that you work with us to help get the information into the right format for uploading.

    Please read this note for more information on what fields you can load into GrantHub

  • Where can I store documents that have to do with my funders?

    Each funder has a documents tab where you can upload documents that you want to keep with that funder's record. We recommend you attach any document specifically relating to the opportunity in the opportunity documents. 

  • How do I edit the items in the Funder Categories drop down list?

    To add a new category just type directly in the  Funder Categories text box. The new category is added when you hit your enter key, then save the funder. After this, your new category will be added to the drop down list for everyone to select from.

    To edit an existing list item on the Funder Categories drop down list:

    1. Click on the Edit Categories button on the Funder list.
    2. Click on the category that you want to edit.
    3. Make your changes and click the Save button.
    4. Click the Remove button to delete a category. 
      • WARNING! Deleting a category can not be undone.
    5. When you have finished editing, close the Edit Categories pop-up window and click Funders to load the changes.


  • How do I add funder categories?

    To add a new category to the 'Funder Categories' field:

    1. Open up a Funder
    2. Type the new category directly into the Funder Category field 
    3. Hit Return after each category
    4. Hit the Funder Save button
  • What are Funder Categories?

    To add a new category to the 'Funder Categories' field:

    1. Open up a Funder
    2. Type the new category it into the Funder Category field 
    3. Hit Return after each category
    4. Hit the Funder Save button

    Once you save a Funder that uses a new Funder Category, it will show up as an option in the drop down to select in the future. You use the 'Funder Categories' field to create groups of funders, and then filter and segment opportunities based on them in your reports in the Reporting Area.

    Some examples of how you might use this field are:

    • You may want to categorize your funders as 'New Funders' vs 'Repeat Funders'. 
    • You may want to assign a rating to your funders, such as 'Top', 'Average' and 'Opportunistic' - so you know which funders are the closest fit with your mission. Or Best Fit, Good Fit and Opportunistic. 
    • You might want to group your funders with identifiers that are not available on the Funder Type drop down field. For instance - you may want to breakout your government funders into 'State', 'Federal' or 'Local' categories using this field.
    • You may want to track funders that give using categories such as: Annual Funder, Sometimes Funder, Reactivated Funder, New Funder. This will allow you to set more specific goals, and measure win percentages for each type. 

    When you are creating a report, you can easily filter your opportunities based on this entry in the Funder Categories field. 

    Here are instructions on how to edit existing funder categories.

  • How to use Who Funded this Organization?

    To access the "Who Funded this Organization" feature, click on 'Resources' at the top of your GrantHub screen. Then click on the 'Who Funded this Organization" tab. Once here - simply type in the name of an organization, or their EIN, that is similar to yours and click Search. Once the search has populated the results and you have found the organization that matches who you are looking to research, you can click on the GuideStar button to view the GuideStar details of the organization you have searched, or you can click on the button to View Past Funders. This will populate a list of grantmakers who have funded this organization in the past. You can review this list and choose to import them into GrantHub as a Funder. The information that imports into GrantHub is from Foundation Center. 

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  • Is there a place to keep my DUNS number in my organization profile?

    In order to apply for grants from government and other organizations, a nonprofit often needs a DUNS number. It's a 9 digit number, and shouldn't change for your organization. At this time, there isn't a field for DUNS number in the organization record. It is recommended that GrantHub users utilize the Answer Library to store their DUNS number.

  • Where do I enter the contacts for a Funder?

    After you have gone through adding all the Funder level details and all of the fields marked with a red asterisk are completed, you need to save the Funder information.

    Once you hit Save, you will have the ability to add contacts as displayed in the image below:


    Click on the Add Contact button. You can add simple information like First Name, Last Name and Email to create the contact. You can also designate a Primary Contact for the organization. Hit Save.


    To add more detailed information to one of the contacts, click on their name. When inserting more detailed information you can check mark a box that says primary contact. This will display a flag on that contact letting you this is the primary contact at a quick glance.