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  • Copy a Year-Over-Year Budget
    1. Select Budget from the Home page.
    2. Select a previous budget Year.
    3. Select Copy.
    4. Enter the budget Year.
    5. Click Copy.
    6. Click on the short-name of a fund.
    7. Edit the Yearly Budget for each line item in the Fund.
      • CommunitySuite will divide the amount listed within each line item by 12 to create a monthly budget.
    8. Click Update.
  • Planning a Budget with Data from the Prior Year*

    If you have created a budget before in CommunitySuite, the system will show you the prior year's budget for reference while you create your new budget.

    NOTE: If you do not see a Fund that needs to be in your Budget then you need to go back to the Fund and check the Budget check box.  Conversely, if you have Funds in your Budget that do not need budgeting you will need to go to the Fund and un-check the Budget check box.
    • For printing or reporting you may want the budget to fit on one page. To do this you will need to add Short Names (under 30 characters) to each Fund you are budgeting against.

    There is no formal Approval function in Budget - you can edit and alter the budget as needed.

  • Using Budget for Reporting*

    After creating an Annual budget, your Financial reports can show your Budget estimates against your actuals.

    • From the Home page go to Financials, under the Core column
    • Choose Income Statement
    • Select a date range or edit the dates you wish to see the Statement of Activities for
    • From the upper right side drop down list choose budget to see all funds aggregated or select fundbudget to see how each fund budget makes up the total

    • Notice your actual spending will now be alongside your budgeted amounts, along with the variance and percentage.

    Choose Print, Print Page or Export from the left side of your screen. 

  • Budget Overview*

    Use Budget to enter your foundation's annual budget. When utilized, this feature will help you create budget reports to track your goals. Budget totals are based on your financial year. 

    In order to create a budget, each Fund that is included will need the "Budget" checkbox selected.

    Here is an example of a budget for an Operations Fund (SD-OP) budgeted by line item.budge

  • Create an Annual Budget


    1. Navigate to Budget from the Home page.

    2. Click Create on the left-side menu.

    3. Enter the budget year, and click Create

    4. Click on the short-name of a fund in the Detail window. 

    5. Enter the yearly budget for each line item in the fund.
      • CommunitySuite will divide the amount listed within each line item by twelve to create a monthly budget.

    6. Click Update.