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  • Applicant Can't Submit a Follow Up


    An applicant does not have the Edit link to access a follow up form assigned to them. Or, they see the Edit link but do not have the option to submit the form.


    Expected Behavior

    The applicant can click Edit, fill out their follow up form, and submit it.



    1. Navigate to the Request Summary page for the applicant's request, and click the Follow Ups tab.Applicant_Can_t_Submit_a_Follow_Up_2.png 
    2. Double check that the applicant is the contact assigned to the follow up in question.Applicant_Can_t_Submit_a_Follow_Up_3.png 
    3. If your Follow Up Submission Logic setting is set to Sequential, follow ups with earlier due dates must be submitted and marked complete by an administrator before the applicant can access a follow up with a later due date.Applicant_Can_t_Submit_a_Follow_Up_4.png

    4. If the above solutions have been checked and the problem is not resolved: 
    • Click Edit Follow Ups.Applicant_Can_t_Submit_a_Follow_Up_5.png

    • Click Update Selected Follow Ups without making any changes.Applicant_Can_t_Submit_a_Follow_Up_6.png
  • Applicant Dashboard

    When an applicant logs into their site they are brought to the Applicant Dashboard. This page houses all of the applicant's current and historical Requests, as well as contact information and other important data.  

    From this page, applicants can:

    • View Organization History if you have opted to have this feature turned on.  
    • Sign out of the system or edit their profile via the drop-down menu below their name in the top right corner.
    • They can also view their Public Profile, which contains data synced from their GuideStar, Foundation Center and Great Nonprofits profiles.
    • View and edit their individual contact information, 
    • View and edit their Organization information, if you have given them access to do so.
    • Access their email history.

    Underneath their contact information applicants will see two tabs, Historical Requests and Active Requests.  

    • All closed, abandoned, and denied requests will be housed under Historical Requests
    • While all open requests will be housed under Active Requests, here applicants can:
      • view submitted documents, 
      • check the status of their requests, 
      • submit follow ups, 
      • and view applicant facing documents.
  • Guiding Applicants Through the Process

    Do you want to see how other GLM/SLM users are instructing their applicants about registering, logging in and even completing their grants? Click on any of the links below to see these fantastic examples.

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    Log On Page Messaging

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