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  • Print & Post Checks

    Print and post checks individually, or in batch; and generate grant/scholarship letters to send with checks.

    If your foundation has configured Check Payment Approval, you'll need to approve check payments before you can print and post your checks.

    Print & Post In Batch

    1. Select the New bucket.
    2. Click Create Batch.
    3. Select the type of checkrun batch that you want to run (Vouchers, Grants, Scholarships or All).

      For the purpose of this tutorial, we've selected All

    4. (Optional) Click Edit.
    5. (Optional) Change the Batch Name, enter a Description, and if desired, select a Grant Letter Template and/or Scholarship Letter Template if you've uploaded them to the system. If you don't select a Grant Letter Template and/or Scholarship Letter Template, the system default will be used.
    6. Select Checkrun.
    7. Select Print Checks to generate a PDF of the check(s).
    8. Select Print Grant Letters / Print Scholarship Letters to generate a PDF of the corresponding grant/scholarship letters, or click Download Grant Letters / Download Scholarship Letters to download your grant/scholarship letters as Word documents.
    9. Once you've printed all checks and/or grant and scholarship letters, click Confirm and Post Checks.
    10. Enter the check number of the First Check, and click Next.
    11. Confirm that the check numbers are correct, and click Process.
    12. The posted checks will now appear in the Posted Checks bucket, and the checkrun batch will move into the Posted Batches bucket.


      • Fund advisors will receive an email notification when a check has been posted (if the check was paid from a fund that they advise).


    Print & Post Individually

    1. Select the New bucket.
    2. Click the CheckID of the check that you want to post.
    3. Click Print Check to generate a PDF version of the check that you can download or print.

      The PDF will open in a new screen where you can print and/or download the check.

    4. If the check is related to a grant, and if you've configured a grant letter template in System Data; click Grant Letter to generate a grant letter for the check.
    5. Select Print Grant Letter to generate a PDF, or Download Grant Letter to download to your computer as a Word document.
    6. Next to Check Number, click add manually.

      Once a check number is entered and saved, the check will be posted, and you will not be able to edit the check number. This option is only available to checks that do not have a batch ID.

    7. Enter the Check Number, and click Save.
    8. Click List to return to the Checks page.
    9. The posted check will now appear in the Posted Check Bucket.
      • Fund advisors will receive an email notification when a check has been posted (if the check was paid from a fund that they advise).
  • Adjust for an Incorrect Physical Check


    A check was printed with an incorrect dollar amount on the physical check.


    There are three possible scenarios and solutions for this. Move forward with the solution that best fits your scenario:


    1. The check is still at at your foundation (i.e. in your possession and hasn't been mailed).
      • Solution: Void the check, and repay the voucher with the correct dollar amount.
    2. The check has already been mailed and you realize that you didn't pay the full amount; or if you don't want to void.
      • Solution: As long as you're ok with sending two checks, you can simply pay the remaining portion with a second payment (i.e. check).
    3. You catch the mistake while reviewing the PDF of your checks before you've printed the actual physical check(s).
      • Solution: Remove the check(s) from the batch, delete, and repay.


    Void the Check

    1. Select the Posted Check Bucket and click the CheckID of the check you want to void.


    2. Click Void.
    3. Click Yes.
    4. The voided check will now appear in the Voided Check Bucket.
    5. Click the CheckID of the voided check.
    6. The voided check should show two transactions (journal entries).

      Do not delete any journal entries associated with the voided check. You will not be able to reconcile your bank statement if any of the associated journal entries are deleted.

    7. Click Edit to edit the Void Reason.

    Pay the Remaining Portion with a Second Payment

    1. Click Accounts Payable.pay1.png

    2. Click the name of the Vendor. pay2.png

    3. Enter the remaining balance of the payment into the Apply Amount field, then click Next.pay3.png

    4. Enter a Memo and click Create Checks. pay4.png

    5. Select the ID of the check.pay5.png

    6. Click Add Manually.pay6.png

    7.   Record the number of the second check and click Save.pay7.png

      Once complete, review the checks to ensure that the combined amount of both checks equals the total amount of the voucher.

      Remove from Checkrun Batch, Delete, and Repay

      1. After reviewing the PDF and realizing that an incorrect amount was entered for one or more checks, click Back.remove1.png

      2. Click Remove next to the check that needs to be removed from the batch and deleted. For this example, let's assume that the original amount on the voucher was $500, but only $50 was entered when paying the voucher. remove2.png

      3. Click Back.remove3.png

      4. In the New bucket, select the ID of the check that you removed from the batch.remove4.png

      5. Click Delete. remove5.png

      6. Click Yes to confirm delete.remove6.png

      7. Click Pay to return to Accounts Payable and pay the full amount.remove7.png

      8. Enter the Payment AccountPayment Date, then enter the full amount of the voucher, and click Next.remove8.png

      9. Click Create Checks, then create a new batch, checkrun, and print the check(s).remove9.png
  • Void & Refund a Scholarship Check

    Void and refund a scholarship check if you do not need to repay the check, or you need to send the check to a new university because the student has changed schools

    Only checks that have been posted and issued can be voided. Once a check is voided, the voided status cannot be reversed.

    You will not be able to void a check if the books have been closed for the payment account that the check was paid from.

    1. Select the Posted Checks bucket and click the ID of the scholarship check that you want to void refund.

    2. Click Void.

    3. Click Refund scholarships.

      • Clicking the Refund scholarships button automatically create an entry to void and refund the scholarship check. 
      • If you need to void and reissue the check to the same school, use the Void like normal option.
    4. Enter a date and click Void Check and create scholarship refunds.

      The Date is when the reversal of the entries happens.

    5. Select the Grant ID associated with the scholarship.

    6. Select the Scholarship that the check was attached to.

    7. Select Add Payment Date.

    8. Add a Payment Date, enter the Amount, and click Save.

      The Payment Date will be the date you re-issue the check to a new university or the date that you cancel the scholarship (if it will no longer be paid).

    9. Click Cancel to cancel the remaining portion.
  • Check Payment Approval

    The check payment approval feature allows you to set different levels of payment amounts, and assign specific users to each level. The users that you assign to each level will be required to approve checks before they can be printed.

    Configure Check Payment Approval

    1. Select Checks from the Home page.check_1.png

    2. Select an Account.check_2.png

    3. Select Payment Approval.check_3.png

    4. Click Add Approval Level.check_4.png

    5. Add your approval levels/tiers. Enter the minimum amount (Min Amt) for each level, and the percentage of approvers (Approval Percent) that need to approve a payment before a check can be printed.check_5.png

      For example, the first level (shown above) would apply to checks with an amount of $0 - $5,000. The second approval level would apply to checks with an amount of $5,000.01 - $10,000.

    6. Click Save.check_6.png

    7. Click Edit Approvers.check_7.png

    8. Click the drop-down menu and select an employee to add them as a payment approver. You can add as many employees as you need.check_8.png

    9. Once all payment approvers have been added, click Save.check_9.png

    10. Repeat steps 7-9 for each approval level, then click Checks to return to the main checks page.check_10.png

    11. You will now see two new Check Buckets on the main Checks page: Approval and Approved.check_11.png


    Approve Check Payments

    1. After a check is created, it will move to the New check bucket. Click Send To Approval to start the approval process and move the check to the Approval bucket.check_12.png

      By default, the system will send an automatic email to your check approvers letting them know that there are checks that need to be approved. If you'd like to disable the approval emails, you can do so by clicking Disable Approval Emails in the Checks portion of System Data.
    2. Click Approve All to approve all checks in the Approval check bucket, or select the CheckID and click Approve from the left-side menu.check_13.png

      If you're not listed as a payment approver for the payment tier that a check falls into, you'll receive a message that you don't have permission to approve the check.
    3. Once approved, you'll be able to Print and Post and your check(s).check_14.png
  • Void a Check

    Checks that have been posted and issued can be voided. Once a check is voided, the voided status cannot be reversed.

    Important: Do not (under any circumstances) delete any journal entries associated with the voided check. You will not be able to reconcile your bank statement if any of the associated journal entries are deleted.

    Electronic Checks cannot be voided.

    1. the Posted Check Bucket and click the CheckID of the check you want to void.


    2. Click Void.


    3. Click Yes.


    4. The voided check will now appear in the Voided Check Bucket.


    5. Click the CheckID of the voided check.


    6. The voided check should show two transactions (journal entries).


      Do not delete any journal entries associated with the voided check. You will not be able to reconcile your bank statement if any of the associated journal entries are deleted.

    7. Click Edit to edit the Void Reason.



    Historical Checks

    Before voiding a historical check, we recommend that you should reach out to your CSM and discuss with them about the best way to record this action. To void a historical check, go to Vouchers and create a new voucher. 


    Select the vendor associated with the historical check. Once you are creating items within the voucher, do not select an expense account, and instead select the bank account that the original check was written from. 


    This will create a payable that the new check can be attached to and does not affect net income. It will also allow you to offset the old check on the bank reconciliation.

    If you are not reissuing the check, use a journal entry, making sure to debit cash, and credit expense.

  • Print an Envelope

    When printing checks, please note that they are designed to fit in a windowed envelope. If you do not wish to use a windowed envelope, you can print the address on a standard business envelope.

    1. Navigate to the Checks page

    2. Click the Account that you are issuing the check from

    3. Click the Check ID of the check, eg. 3100

    4. Click Print Envelope from the left-side menu

    A new window will open up in your browser with the address on a standard #10 business envelope format. It will be printed as individual, business, then address.


    • Feed your envelope into your printer 
    • Click Print from the options in the upper right corner of your browser

    Note: You can also print envelopes from an individual Profile.

  • Positive Pay Export


    Use the Positive Pay Export to create a report showing all checks that have been cut and sent out during a particular time period. The system will generate a text (.txt) file you can forward on to your financial or banking institution. Positive Pay Export allows you to transmit a list of issued checks to the bank each day as needed.

    Generate a Positive Pay Export

    1. Go to Checks from the Home page
    2. Select PositivePay Export from the left-side of the screen
    3. Choose the Start Date and the End Date, this can be any date range even one daypositivepay1.png

    4. Click the Export button when done

    Note: Each of your Accounts will need the account number filled in under Description to complete the export.

    The system will automatically download a TXT file with all checks in a single string - the string will contain the following data:

    date, check number, account number, grantee/vendor and amount followed by a capital I 

    Each line of data will look like this: 

    01102017 2000 43432222223434 Bills Campaign 100.00 I04302017 4005 43432222223434 Fur & Feathers 4-H 40000.00 I


  • Check Register*

    To export your checks in the form of a check register:

    • Go to Checks
    • Choose the Account from the Choose Account list
    • Select Check Register Export from the left side menu
    • Pick the start date and the end date of checks you would like listed in the Check Register Export boxes
    • Choose the Export button

    A new window will open and you will need to select where you wish to save the file on your computer. You may also use the default name or create your own name. The default will appear like this showing the date range: checkregister_1066_2017-06-01_2017-10-01

    CommunitySuite software will export your data as a CSV or a Comma Separated Values file that you can open in a spreadsheet. Open the CSV file in your spreadsheet program to see the following items:

    • Check ID # (check_id)
    • Fund (funit_name)
    • Vendor that was Paid (vendor_name)
    • Vendor Address (full_address)
    • Employee who issued the check (employee_name)
    • Check Issued Date (check_date)
    • Check Number (check_num)
    • Memo (if applicable) (memo)
    • Amount of the Check (amount)
    • Transaction ID # (trans_id)
    • If the Check Cleared - Yes or No (cleared)
    • Balance due (balance)
    • Closed (closed)
    • Voucher ID # (voucher_id)
  • Generating a Detailed Attachment*

    To create a detailed attachment or a detailed list of items paid by a check, follow these steps:

    • From the Home page, go to Checks
    • Pick the Account that has the check you are looking for
    • Under the CheckID column, select the Check ID of the check
    • Choose Detailed Attachment from the left menu

    A new window will open up with a PDF list of the items being paid by that check, eg. students at a university, monthly bills paid on a quarterly basis, etc.

    • Select print in the upper right corner or download and you can attach the detailed list to an email or electronic correspondence.
  • Misaligned Check Printing


    Text and numbers are out of alignment when printing checks.



    Expected Behavior

    Text and numbers correctly align on checks.



    1. In the Google Chrome print preview window, click More Settings. 
    2. Click the Scale drop-down, and select Fit to Page.
  • Order Pre-Printed Checks

    Check Depot sells custom checks that match the default formatting of CommunitySuite. You can order them from Check Depot's website. 

    Select from the check types shown below.checks_1.png