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  • Invoice a Customer*
    • Go to Customers from the Home page
    • Move your cursor into the Search Customers text box and start typing the name of the Customer, an auto-populated list will drop down and you can select your customer from this list
      • Or Choose List from the left-side menu to see all of your Customers from the Profiles page, select the ID number (eg. 3518) of the customer you want to invoice
    • From the Customer record, scroll down and select Create Invoice from the left-side menu, you will be redirected to the Invoices section of your software.


    • Enter the Invoice date, the Fund that will accept the payment, attach a File (optional) 
    • Fill out the Items section and list the items to be invoiced, such as room rental or training
      • Previous invoices will be listed in the Recent Invoices table that you can copy if needed by selecting [copy] from the right column
    • Pick Save when done

    After reviewing the Invoice for accuracy, choose the red Post from the left menu to post it.

    • Pick Print from the left menu to generate the Invoice and print it or select Email to email the invoice as an attachment.
  • Customer Overview


    Customers are people, businesses, or organizations that you invoice for payment for services you provided. Customers are designated in Profile (individual or organization) records, and upon setup, will have system generated ID numbers along with applicable address, email, and phone information. A Customer record will list invoices; and from the Customer page you can create an invoice, create a payment, or make the Customer inactive.customer_1.png

    Create a Customer

    1. Navigate to the Customers page.customers_2.png

    2. Click Create in the left-side menu.customer_3.png

    3. Search for the Profile that want to make a Customer.
      • You can also click List in the left-side menu to find the Profile.customer_4.png

    4. Click Make Customer in the left-side menu.customer_5.png

    5. The Profile now has Customer designation.customer_6.png


    Search for Customers

    1. Navigate to the Customers page.customers_2.png

    2. Search for the Customer.
      • You can also click List in the left-side menu to find the Customer.customer_7.png