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  • Grant Funding Request Form*

    After setting up a Grant Catalog Grant Cycle you can send a link to your Grantees inviting them to request funding for projects.

     When your Grantees select the link they will need to pick their nonprofit name in order to see the Grant Request Information form applicable to their organization. 

    Once they are in the form they can fill out the following content areas.


    Once the Grantee fills out the Nonprofit Grant Application Form with their Grant Request Information, their submission will be sent to your system and it will be visible in the "Catalog" Grant bucket.

    The funding request will be available for review and approval and may be moved forward for inclusion in the online Grant Catalog.

  • Set up Public Requests for a Grantee*

    Public Requests means that the grantee is open to accepting donations from the public and from your Fund Advisors.

    To set up Public Requests for a Grantee you will need to go to Grantees

    • Select the Grantee
    • Choose Edit from the left side of the screen
    • Select the Public Requests checkbox
    • Choose Save to complete

    If Public Requests is checked, the Grantee will be visible on the Donor portal for Fund Advisors and, once approved by your organization, they can be included in your online Grant Catalog.

  • Adding a Grantee*

    A Grantee is a 501(c)3 type nonprofit. The nonprofit must have a Profile and be tagged as a grantee in the system. 

    To get started, go to Grantees under the Non-Profit column

    • Search for the Grantee name
    • Select the Profile and choose Make Grantee from the left menu
      • If they are not found you need to add them to the system.

    Add a new Grantee by going to Profiles under the Core Column, or click Create from the left menu.

    • Search for the name in the Search Profile box
    • If they are not in your database, select Create from the lefthand side of the screen
    • Enter the name of the Organization in the Organization text box
    • Enter the contact data such as Address, Zip code, Phone, Email and their EIN number in the FedID (SSN/EIN) box
    • Choose Save when complete

    Note: Billing Address is the address that goes on the check

    Zip Code, the address zip code should be entered into the US/CAN Zipcode textbox - the system will automatically generate the city and state from the zip code entered based on postal code data

    Legal Name goes on the check, if no legal name is entered then the system uses the name provided


    Now you will need to make the profile a grantee.

    • Place your cursor in the left side menu and scroll down
    • Select Make Grantee

    Notice in the "Profile Is" section you will see that the profile is now a Grantee.

    • Select the hyperlinked Grantee to see the Grantee record


    You are now in the Grantee record. 

    To add more specific information to the Grantee record you can select Edit from the left side menu

    • Items you can add or edit:
      • disable or override the Guidestar Charity Check by selecting No Pub 78 Check checkbox (useful for schools/universities)
      • enter the Last Financial Date
      • allow the grantee to be visible on your online pages for public requests by selecting the Public Requests checkbox
    • Save the updated Grantee data by selecting the Save button




  • Run a Charity Check

    To run a charity check on a grantee:

    • Enable Guidestar (for American clients) or Enable Ajah (for Canadian clients) must be enabled in system data.
    • The Grantee must have an EIN entered in their profile.
    • No Charity Status Check must be unchecked in the grantee record.
    • There are multiple ways to run a charity check, see the three options below:

    1. Option One - from the Grantee record.

    • Click Grantees from the Home page.
    • Search for a Grantee or click List and select from the list.

    • If you use the List option, click Grantee in the profile record.

    • Click guidestar charity check.

    • The charity check will pull the grantee's information from Guidestar.
    • Click show charity log to view a record of all completed charity checks.

    • If the Charity Verified status is Yes, you'll be able to process grants for the grantee.


    2. Option Two - while processing a grant.

    • You can also run a charity check while processing a grant by clicking guidestar charity check.

    3. Option Three - bulk run a charity check. When this option is selected, CommunitySuite will look at the interval set in System Data settings and the list of grantees. If a Charity Check has been performed on one or more of the grantees in the list, the answer from the grantee profile will be returned. A Guidestar check will be performed on the remaining grantees.

    • Click Grants from the Home page.
    • From the New Grant Bucket, click Charity Check All in the left menu.

    • Check the box(es) next to the grants you want to run a charity check for, then click Run Charity Check.

    • Click Yes on the confirmation page to finalize running the charity check.
    • You will be redirected to the Grants page where you will see a notice of how many charity checks passed and which grantee/grant ID’s did not pass.

    • You can also utilize the Charity column to verify if the charity check has been run and passed.

    If your Guidestar Charity Check fails:

    • Double check that the organization's EIN is entered correctly.
    • The organization may be a chapter of a bigger organization/government body/school.
    • In the end, it may be best to reach out to the organization and have them send you the proof of their non-profit status. 
  • What is Guidestar?

    CommunitySuite integrates GuideStar Exchange information with Grant processes, designed to streamline and verify the nonprofit status of organizations. The GuideStar Exchange Program is an online database (unaffiliated with the foundation) that allows nonprofits to keep current core data in one place (e.g. board of directors, IRS Form 990, Audited Financial Statements, etc). Each organization has a report; a devoted web page that allows funders and the general public to access the information. There is no cost for nonprofit organizations; any nonprofit can update its report for free. Maintaining an up-to-date GuideStar Exchange Report provides nonprofits the opportunity to connect with current and potential supporters.


  • Edit a Grantee Record

    1. Select Grantees from the Home page.

    2. Search for a grantee, or click List to select from a list of all grantees.

    3. Click Edit.

    4. In the Grantee window, edit the following:

    • No Charity Status Check: Select this checkbox to disable Guidestar/Ajah charity checks for the grantee.

    • Last Charity Status Check: Enter the last date that a charity check (Guidestar/Ajah) was run for the grantee.
    • Last Financial Date: Enter the last time the grantee's finances were checked.
    • Public Requests: Select the box to allow the grantee to receive donations in the Donation Portal, Donor Portal, and Grant Catalog.

    If the grantee is a school, they probably won't have a profile in Guidestar/Ajah; so you can disable the charity check.

    5. Once all edits have been made, click Save.

    You can perform these other Grantee functions from the left menu:

    • Delete the Grantee (the profile remains in the database)
    • Attach a file
    • Add a note
    • Email the Grantee
    • Set the Grantee as inactive
    • Find Checks or Vouchers associated with the Grantee
    • Create a Grant or Voucher for the Grantee
    • View the Log of who/when the record was edited
    • Merge the record with another if there are duplicates
  • Make a Grantee Inactive

    When you make a grantee inactive, CommunitySuite will remove the grantee profile from your list of grantees, and retain a record of any grants that were given to the grantee.

    The Vendor Designation is made inactive when the Grantee Designation is made inactive, and vice versa.

    When the Grantee Designation is inactive, the grantee is suppressed from grantee search results in the Donor Portal.

    1. Navigate to Grantees.  
    2. Locate the Grantee Profile and open the Grantee Designation.
    3. Click Set Inactive from the left-side menu.

    Grantees can also be made inactive in Bulk.