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  • Selecting a Grant Type for Existing Grants*

    Once you have created Grant Types you may categorize your grants by type for reporting purposes.

    • Go to Grants
    • Select a Grant ID number, eg. 2410
    • Look at the Grant summary table and find the row labeled "Grant Type," choose [edit]

    • A drop-down menu will be available and will list all your Grant Types
    • Select a Grant Type for the Grant
    • Choose the Save button

    Now the Grant will have a Grant Type to allow for categorization and reporting.

    Note: You can edit the Grant Type at any time. 

  • Assign Grant Type Interests

    Note: You must create Grant Types before you can add them to a profile.

    1. While creating or editing a profile, scroll to the bottom of the profile and check the box(es) next to all grant type interests that apply.

    2. Save or Create the profile.
  • Create Grant Types

    Grant Types can be used to indicate the philanthropic interest of a profile, and easily filter desired grants for reporting purposes.

    1. Click Grant Types from the Home page.
    2. Click Create.

    3. Give the grant type a Name and click Create.

    4. In the left-side menu:
      • Click List to view all grant types.
      • Click List Profiles to display all profiles that are associated with the selected grant type interest.
      • Click List Grants to display all grants that are associated with the selected grant type.