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  • Tributes Overview*

    Tributes is the method by which you may identify donations that are made in honor of, or in memory of a specific person, pet, place, etc. 

    With Tributes you can:

    • Create specific tributes with which donations may be tagged, and
    • Allow online donors to create a new tribute or select an existing tribute to attribute to a donation.
  • Donor created Tributes from the Online Donation Portal*

    Your Donors can go to your Online Donations page and when they create a donation and check out they will have the option to create a Tribute via the Tribute fields. The donor can type in the name of the person they wish to honor. When the donation is processed you will see the memorial/in honor of details. 

    When making a donation from the Online Donations page, donors will have the option to tag their donation with a Tribute by clicking the “Donation in Memory or Honor” checkbox before they checkout.

    Once checked the donor:

    • Selects the Type of Tribute
      • Either In Memory of or In Honor of
    • Enters the name of the person, pet, place, etc. being memorialized or honored in the Person being remembered/honored text box

    Optional step:

    • The Donor can also indicate Whom to Notify and How to Notify the Person that a donation was given in honor or in memory of someone
      • Enter the name of the person being notified
      • Select the radio button to indicate what method to notify them by
        • If the notification type is Postal Mail, the Donor must provide the address and zip code.
          • The system will auto-populate the city and state based on the provided zip code.
        • If the notification type Email is selected,  the Donor must provide and confirm the person’s email address

    When complete, the Donor continues checking out to finish making the donation. The donation will be tagged with the Tribute.

  • Tribute Notify*

    If you need to set up notifications to go out when a donation is made in honor or in memory of someone, click Add Notify from the left menu on the Tribute page. Enter the name of the person to notify in the Notify Profile search box. The system will search for the person that should receive the notification, select their profile.

    • Choose the Method by which the notification will be sent
      • Email or Mail
    • Then enter the Frequency or how often the person wishes to be notified.
      • Enter 1 day for notifications to be sent once a day
      • Enter 1 week for notifications to be sent once a week
      • Enter 1 month for notifications to be sent once a month

    Continue adding people until all individuals that need to receive a notification are added. If the person you wish to notify is not in your Profiles you will need to add them.

    • Click Save when done
  • Available Reports for Tributes*

    To generate a Donation Summary Report:

    • Go to Tributes
    • Select Donation Report from the left menu
    • Pick a Report Date Range and choose Create Report

    The system will produce a table with the Tributes listed along with, how many Donations and the total amount donated for that time span. You can change the dates by selecting Change Date on the left menu or select Export CSV to download the data to your computer.


    For a Tribute Notification report select Report Printout from the left menu in order to generate a PDF of the In Memory/In Honor of letters that have been set up to go out to those that need notification of any donation activity associated with memorials/tributes.

    All donations associated with a tribute from that date or date range will have a tribute notification letter generated by the system as a PDF that you can print and mail.

  • Generate Tribute Letters

    Tribute Letters contain information about donations made in honor/memory of someone. To generate and print Tribute Letters:

    1. Navigate to the Tributes page.
    2. Select Report Printout from the left-side menu.
    3. In the Tribute Report window, select a Date Range (i.e. Year, Quarters, Months), or enter a Single Day and click Run Report.
    4. The system will generate a PDF document containing all Tribute Letters that you can print, or save and send via email.


    • The language within Tribute Letters is pulled from your Tribute In Memory of and In Honor of Template(s).
    • Tributes made from the Online Donations page will not send a Tribute Letter automatically. You will still need to generate and print/send the letter by following the steps listed above.
  • Merge Duplicate Tributes

    Please be advised that there is not a way to undo merged Tributes. 

    1. From the Tributes page, click List in the left-side menu. 
    2. Review the list of Tributes to identify duplicates.
    3. Select the ID number of the Tribute you would like to merge. 
    4. Then click Merge in the left-side menu. 
    5. Search for or Show List, then select the other Tribute you would like to merge. 
    6. Review the merge details, then click Process. The Tributes are now merged. 
  • Delete a Tribute
    When a tribute is deleted, the tribute association will be removed from all applicable donations. 
    1. Choose Tributes on the Home Page.

    2. On the Tributes page, search for and select the tribute you want to delete.

    3. Select Delete in the left-side menu.

    4. When prompted, click Yes to confirm deletion. 

      • Any unused tributes can be deleted in batch, by clicking Delete Unused in the left-side menu of the Tributes page. Click Yes to confirm deletion when prompted.


  • Create a Tribute
    1. From the Home page, select Tributes in the Non-Profit column. 
    2. Click Create in the left-side menu.
    3. Enter the Tribute Name.
    4. Choose the type of Tribute from the drop-down.
    5. Then click Create.
    6. If you have a template built, select it in the Template drop-down menu. 
    7. Click Save. The tribute is now added to the system.