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  • Till Overview*

    Find the Till in the Accounting Column on the Home page.

    The Till is similar to a cash register, it is where you will find transactions that have been processed but may need to be taken to the bank or reconciled (credit card transactions).

    All money coming in, including deposits, will remain in the Till until you deposit them to the bank.

    All Credit Card transactions can also be found in the Till and each transaction needs to be reconciled and have the fees verified. 

  • Undeposited Checks and Cash*

    All cash and check donations, as well as payments, will appear in the Till under Undeposited Checks and Cash. You will see the ID number of the donation or payment, the destination Fund, a description, the payment type, when it was processed and for how much.

    Go to the Till when you want to make a deposit:

    • Go to Till from the Home page
    • You will see all Undeposited Checks and Cash payments/donations 

    If you select List Deposits from the left side of your screen you will see all your previous deposit amounts and dates

    • Select the Till Deposit ID number and you can see the detail of each deposit

    •  Select Summary from the right-hand menu to return to the main Till page. 

    Review the undeposited items as well as the Cash in the Till. For more detail about your cash balances, you can select Cash History from the left menu to see all Cash Transactions.

  • Print a Deposit Slip
    1. Navigate to Till from the Home page.

    2. Click List Deposits from the left-side menu.

    3. Select a Deposit by clicking on a Deposit ID.

    4. Click Deposit Slip from the left-side menu. 
      • The system will generate a PDF Deposit Slip in a new window of your web browser.

    5. Hover your cursor over the Deposit Slip and click the Print icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.


  • Reconcile Non-Till Transactions
    1. Transactions that need to be reconciled are located on the Till page, under Unreconciled Non-Till Transactions. 
    2. Click Reconcile next to the payment processor you wish to reconcile. 
    3. Select the Deposit Account. 
    4. Enter the Fee Amount for each transaction. 
      • If you are reconciling Stripe and your webhook is configured, the fee amounts will automatically populate. 
      • Note: If you leave the fee amount blank, the transaction will not be included in the reconcile. 
    5. Click Reconcile. 
    6. The non-till transactions are now reconciled and will no longer appear on the Unreconciled Non-Till Transactions list. 
  • Unpost and Delete a Deposit
    1. From the Till page, click List Deposits in the left-side menu. 
    2. Then click on the deposit ID number. 
    3. Once in the deposit, click Un-Post in the left-side menu. 
    4. The deposit will be unposted and deleted. 
    5. Checks previously included in the deposit will return to the Undeposited Checks and Cash list on the Till page. 
  • Edit a Deposit Post Date
    1. On the Till page, click List Deposits in the left-side menu.
    2. Click on the deposit ID number.
    3. Once in the deposit record, click on the TransID.
    4. In the Transaction record, click Edit next to Post Date. 
    5. Update the date, then click Save. 
  • Deposit Checks & Cash to Till
    1. Select Till from the the Home page.till_1.png

    2. Click Deposit to Bank.till_2.png

    3. Click the drop-down menu to select which Bank Account the refund should be deposited in, then click the calendar icon and select a Deposit Date.

    4. Check the box next to each item that you want to deposit, then click Deposit.till_4.png

      Click the checkbox next to Amount to select all items at once.

    5. A summary of the till deposit displays on the following screen.till_5.png