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  • Add Users to Networks

    Edit the Name of a network, network IP Address/Subnet, and add Users to specific networks.

    1. While viewing the network page, Click the ID of the network that you want to edit.

    2. Click Edit.

    3. Edit the Name of the network, and the network IP Address/Subnet, then click Save.

    4. Check the box next to each user that you want to add to the network, then click Save.

    5. If a user attempts to log in from an IP Address/Subnet that's different from the one specified, the user will receive the following message:

  • Network Overview

    Networks give you the ability to limit CommunitySuite access to specific online networks, and assign specific networks to users. This can be used to prevent users from accessing CommuitySuite through unsecured networks.

    1. Select Network from the Core column of the Home page.

    2. The Network page displays the IDName, and IP Address/Subnet of each network that's been added to CommunitySuite.