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  • Bulk Activate or Inactivate Vendors and Grantees

    The bulk action Activate Vendor activates existing vendor designations that are inactive. The bulk action Make Vendor Inactive makes existing vendor designations inactive.

    The Grantee Designation is made inactive when the Vendor Designation is made inactive, and vice versa.

    When the Vendor Designation is inactive, profiles that were also grantees are suppressed from grantee search results in the Donor Portal. Clients converting from systems that require profiles for Interfund grants can use this bulk action to hide these profiles for future grant requests on the Donor Portal.

    1. Generate a list of Vendors that should be made active or inactive through one of these methods:
      • Create a filter list in Profiles.
      • Filter to the correct profiles in a custom report and add Profile ID to the report (you can filter on name contains Interfund, or another keyword that denotes those profiles).
      • Upload a CSV file of profile ID's in Reports.
    2. Click Activate Vendor or Make Vendor Inactive from the left-side menu.


  • Historical Vouchers

    Please make sure that you are certain a historical voucher is the right fit for what you are trying to accomplish. If not confirm with your CSM. You cannot unpost or delete historical vouchers if they have been imported.

    Historical Vouchers are used at the time of migration when there is a balance in the General Ledger in Accounts Payable and a user needs to be able to pay vouchers after the migration date. 

    1. To create a historical voucher, click Historical Voucher from the Vendor page.HistoricalVouchers1.png 
    2. The Historical Voucher page looks almost identical to the Create Voucher page except that the Historical Voucher page has Historical=Yes as shown below.HistoricalVouchers2.png
    3. Fill out the Historical Voucher as you would a normal voucher.

    Historical Vouchers will only post to the assigned Accounts Payable account, regardless of what expense account is used. Both the debit and credit will hit the Accounts Payable account. When there is a migrated Accounts Payable balance, you have to assign the balance to a vendor using a historical voucher so the balance can then be paid.

  • Make Vendor Profile

    After creating a profile, you can designate the profile as a vendor. A vendor can be described as a profile that bills your foundation, which your foundation pays.

    1. Select Profiles from the Home page.


    2. Search and select an organizational Profile, or click List to select from a list.


    3. Hover your cursor over the left-side menu, scroll to the bottom, and select Make Vendor.


    4. The Vendor designation will now appear in the Profile Is section of the profile record. Click Vendor to access the vendor record.