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  • Export Fund Advisor Information

    CommunitySuite allows you to export Fund Advisor information such as, Name, Address, Organization, and Funds. This information can be exported for specific Fund Groups, or for all Fund Advisors in the system.

    To export information for all Fund Advisors in the system:

    1. Navigate to Fund Advisors from the Home page.
    2. Click Export CSV from the left-side menu.
      • A CSV file will download to your computer's Downloads folder that contains information related to all Fund Advisors in the system.

    To export Fund Advisor information from specific Fund Groups:

    1. Navigate to Funds from the Home page.
    2. Select List Groups from the left-side menu.
    3. In the Fund Groups window, click the ID of the desired Fund Group.
    4. Click Export Advisors CSV.
      • A CSV file will download to your computer's Downloads folder that contains information related to all Fund Advisors in the Fund Group.




  • Send Multiple Fund Advisor Login Emails

    In CommunitySuite, admins have the capability to send out multiple fund advisor login emails at once. To send multiple fund advisor login emails, the fund advisors need to have profiles with an email set in CommunitySuite. 

    The workflow for sending multiple fund advisor login emails is as follows:

    1.  Use this article to create the amount of fund advisor profiles desired. 
    2. To edit the email for a fund advisor navigate to their profile, then click on Edit Profile.multiplefa_1.png

    3. Enter the correct email then click Save.multiplefa_2.png

    4. Once you have created all the fund advisor profiles, click Send Login Emails on the left side menu on the Fund Advisors page. multiplefa_3.png

    5. If you need to edit the subject or message in the email refer to this article.

    6. Click Send Emails to 7 Advisors. The number will indicate however many fund advisors you created. multiplefa_4.png

    The link in the login email expires after 30 days. If the user selects the link and sets a password, the link will also expire.


  • Fund History Charts/Graphs - Fund Advisor Portal

    Within the Fund Advisor Portal, fund advisors can see an interactive chart displaying their top donors and grantees. The charts/graphs are turned off by default. To turn on the charts/graphs, follow this workflow:

    1. Navigate to the Funds page from Home.
    2. Search for the relevant fund then click the ID.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Check the box next to Show History On Portal.


    5. Click Save.

    Below is an example fund history chart/graph within the Fund Advisor Portal.


  • Designate a Primary Fund Advisor
    Adding a primary fund advisor to a fund allows for additional reporting fields to be available in the custom financial reporting area.

    To designate a primary fund advisor for a fund:

    1. On the Home page, click Fund Advisors

    2. Choose Set Tab Permissions from the left-side menu.

    3. Click Assign by Fund.

    4.  Click on the Fund Name.

    5.  The Advisors table displays a list of all advisors for the fund. Assign the Primary advisor from the list by clicking the radio button under the Primary column, and click Update.

    6. The changes you made will be reflected on the Fund Advisors page. 


  • Bulk Assign Donor Portal Tab Permissions

    CommunitySuite allows administrators to hide certain tabs from fund advisors in the Donor Portal, such as ContributionsGrant Catalog, and Statements. Tabs can be assigned on an individual basis by editing a fund advisor record, or in bulk at the Fund, Fund Advisor, and Tab levels.

    To assign tab permissions in bulk:

    1. Select Fund Advisors from the Home page.

    2. Click Set Tab Permissions.

    3. Bulk assign the tab permissions by FundFund Advisor, or Tab.

      • Assign by Fund
        1. Select a Fund.

        2. Check the boxes to enable tabs for each fund advisor of the selected fund. 

        3. Click Update.

      • Assign by Advisor
        1. Select an Advisor

        2. Check the boxes to designate which tabs the fund advisor will see from each fund in their Donor Portal.

        3. Click Update.

      • Assign by Tab
        1. Click Add to Everyone, and the selected tab will be added to all funds within each fund advisor Donor Portal.

          • Note: A green banner will display, indicating how many entries (fund advisor + fund) were affected.

            • Example:

        2. Click Remove From Everyone, and the selected tab will be removed from all fund advisor Donor Portals.

          • Note: A green banner will display, indicating how many entries (fund advisor + fund) were affected.

            • Example: 

  • Edit a Fund Advisor
    1. Select Fund Advisors from the Home page.

    2. Select the ID of the desired fund advisor.

    3. Click Edit.

      • Edit the fund advisor's Login (username) for the Donor Portal.

      • Select the Donation Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when donations are made to the fund(s) they advise.

      • Select the Grant Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when grants are made from the fund(s) they advise.

      • Click the Statement Type drop-down to select how the fund advisor will receive their fund statements (paper, email, online).

    4. Check the boxes to select which tabs will display in the fund advisor's Donor Portal.
      • Tabs can also be assigned in bulk at the FundFund Advisor, and Tab levels. 

      • The tabs shown above, will correlate with the tabs shown below:
        • Note: The Contributions tab (in the Donor Portal) correlates with Donation tab in CommunitySuite.

    5. Click Update.

  • Sample Instructions for Fund Advisors - How to Make a Grant Request*

    When a Fund Advisor who holds a Fund at your foundation wants to make a Grant to a Grantee, a Non-Profit or another Fund they can make a Grant Request from their Donor Portal page.

    The Grant Request screen that your Fund Advisors see can have custom text added to help guide them through the process. You can change the header text in System Data under Content and find the "grant_request_header" field to help tell your Fund Advisors how to do a Grant Request.

    Here is sample text for your Donor Portal Grant Request page:

    You can request a grant in one of four ways:

    • Choose a grantee that you have already given a grant to. This will be an option in the first box called "Grantees you have given to in the past" 
    • Choose a fund or program to which you have already given money to. Use the box labeled "Foundation funds you have given to in the past" Note: If you have not previously given to a fund at our foundation, then this box will not show up on your screen 
    • Choose any of our funds or programs by selecting the drop-down box labeled "Other foundation funds"
    • Enter a new grantee. To do this, use the "Other Grantee" text fields 

    On the following screen, you will see a Description box. In that, you can enter information for staff, such as:

    • The tax ID of the nonprofit to which you are granting, if you know this
    • If applicable, specify that this grant is "In honor of" or "In memory of" someone
    • Note if the grant is for a particular program or cause within the bigger nonprofit organization
    • Let us know if the grant should be directed to a specific person or department
  • What does a Fund Advisor see?

    When your Fund Advisors login to their Donor Portal they can see the details of any fund they advise. A Fund Advisor who has the proper permissions and is logged in to the online Donor Portal can make a Grant Request or they can select to give from the Fund(s) they advise.

    To review and verify what each Fund Advisor has access to your System Administrators can perform a "log in as" to see exactly what each Fund Advisor sees. 

    Here is how:

    • Go Fund Advisors from the Home page
    • Select the ID number of the Advisor 
    • Choose "Login As" from the left side of your screen - You must have Admin permissions to do this and the Fund Advisor will have to have logged in and created a password.

    Select any of the tabs at the top of the page to review the different areas visible to each Fund Advisor. These settings are based on the Fund set-up and the Fund Advisor visibility selections.

    The default Fund Advisor's Donor Portal page will generally have the following tabs at the top unless view permissions were changed at the Fund Advisor level.

    • Home* - Shows a summary of the Fund's Balance and the Spendable Balance amounts
    • Choose Fund* - Lists Funds that the Fund Advisor has access to
    • Contributions - Shows all donations/money coming into the Fund
    • Grants - Shows all grants going out from the Fund
    • Grant Request - Where the Fund Advisor can make a Grant Request to a non-profit, a grantee or a fund.
      • If the Allow Additional Advisors setting is enabled within a Fund, Fund Advisors can collaborate with each other on a Grant Request and specify which Fund Advisor specifically is making the request. 
      • Additional Grantee Contacts can be added as a Fund Advisor submits the request, if there is an additional individual that needs to be contacted throughout the grant process. 
    • Grant Catalog - When active, a fund advisor can view and donate towards a crowdfunding opportunity
    • Statements - View and download all current and historic fund statements
    • Files -  View and download any files associated uploaded to the Fund record
    • Donate* - Takes the Fund Advisor to the public Online Donations page where they can give to funds or buy tickets to events
    • Logout* - Where a Fund Advisor can log out of their Donor Portal

    *=These tabs are always visible although the details may be removed based on the Fund Advisor settings for each Fund.

    After reviewing, you may want to limit access to Donations, Grants, Grant Requests, Grant Catalog, Fund Statements and/or File pages at the Fund Advisor level.

  • GuideStar for Fund Advisors*

    GuideStar functionality can also assist your Fund Advisors when they wish to give. 

    When a Fund Advisor requests a grant to a nonprofit from their online Donor Portal page they can use the Search GuideStar for Grantee text box to find the grantee they wish to give to.

    • After they type the name of the grantee in the text box, your Fund Advisor will get a list with a button to "Create Request" next to the nonprofit grantee they wish to select.
    • When a Fund Advisor submits a new grant request you will see the request in CommunitySuite in the Grant Request Bucket under Grants.
    • Simply select the ID number of the request and you will see red Add Grantee on the left side of the screen.

    You will have the option to add the Guidestar data to populate the Profile of the grantee if they do not exist in your database by choosing Add Grantee. If the grantee does exist in your database then choosing Add Grantee will create a duplicate profile.

    If you have duplicates you can see them under Similar Profiles at the bottom of the Profile - you may wish to review your profiles on a regular schedule in order to clean up any duplicates and avoid complications.

  • Delete a Fund Advisor*
    • Choose Fund Advisors from the Home Page under the Non-Profit column
    • Select the ID number beside the Fund Holder you wish to delete
    • Select Delete from the lefthand side of the screen

    • You will be prompted to verify yes or no that you wish to delete the Fund Advisor

    Once deleted, the Fund Advisor will no longer be in the system as a Fund Advisor and will not be able to access the Fund Manager page using the unique link. However, their Profile will remain in Profiles.

  • Change a Fund Advisor Password*

    First be sure the Profile has been set up as a Fund Advisor and that they have logged in to their Donor Portal.

    • If not, you will need to set them up as a Fund Advisor, and they will need to a login and create a password.

    If the Fund Advisor has logged in and has simply forgotten their password, you can reset it.

    • From the Home page, look under the Non-Profit column
    • Select Fund Advisors
    • Select the Fund Advisor ID number, located on the left of the Fund Advisor that needs a new password
    • Choose Reset Password from the left side menu

    • Select the red Send Login Email link on the lefthand side of the screen

    When you select Send Login Email the system will generate an email for you to review and edit (this is identical to the Fund Advisor set-up email).

    • When done editing it, select Send Email
    • The email will be sent from the system to the Fund Advisor prompting them to log in and change their own password

    It is advisable to also send their assigned login name when resetting the password in case they forgot. 

  • Create a Fund Advisor

    Create a Fund Advisor and give them online access to their funds.

    • Click Fund Advisors from the Home Page under the Non-Profit column.
    • Click Create from the left-side menu.
    • You will be redirected to Profiles.
    • Enter your Fund Advisors' name in the Search Profile text box to make sure they do not already have a Profile.

    If the fund holder is not in your system you will need to create a new Profile - the Profile must have a name and an email. 

    Usernames are case sensitive in CommunitySuite.
    • Once they have a Profile, choose +Make Fund Advisor from the left-side menu.
    • You will be prompted to assign a Login or User name that will be used on the online Donor Portal page. 
      • Check the Donation Notify checkbox if the Fund Advisor wants to be alerted via email when a donation occurs to any of the fund(s) they manage.
      • Check the Grant Notify checkbox if the Fund Advisor wants to be alerted via email when a grant to a nonprofit or another fund is made from the fund(s) they manage.
    • Select the Statement Type you want to receive from the drop-down: online, paper or email.
    • When complete, click the Update button at the top of the page.

    Now add the fund or funds that the fund advisor manages.

    • Click Add Fund from the left-side menu.
    • Type the name of the Fund that the Fund Advisor manages and select it.
      • Continue adding funds if they advise more than one.

    Next, you will be prompted to send the Fund Advisor their login information to create the Donor Portal.

  • Fund Advisor Overview*

    A Fund Advisor is an individual, household or organization who holds a Fund at your foundation. CommunitySuite allows you to create an online Donor Portal page for each of your Fund Advisors.

    With the online Donor Portal your Fund Advisors can log on to track their Fund(s) and view activity such as grants given, current spendable balance and see any donations to the Fund (if applicable). 

    Each Fund Advisor will need to be created and assigned a login so they can to access the secure portal.  The Administrator at your foundation can add a Fund Advisor, create a login and send it to the Fund Advisor via email. 

    The Fund Advisor will need to go to their unique URL, where they will be prompted to create a password. If they forget their login, your admin can look it up and reset their password.

  • Example Donor Portal Rollout

    Click on this link for an example of how the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma rolled out their Donor Portal to Donors.

  • Fund Advisor Login Instructions
    Usernames are case sensitive in CommunitySuite.

    The tutorial below can be used as a template for providing instructions to your Fund Advisors. Copy the content into your own document and customize as desired. Feel free to take screenshots of your donor portal and add them to your document. 

    Note: Depending on how you've configured your settings, your Fund Advisors may not have access to all of the tabs outlined below. We recommend omitting any section that is not applicable to your Fund Advisors. 

    Sample Fund Advisor Communication

  • Create a Donor Portal
    1. Navigate to the Fund Advisor record for the relevant Profile. 
      • If the Profile has not been designated as Fund Advisor, click + Make Fund Advisor from the left-side menu of the profile page.

    2. Click Send Login Email from the left-side menu. 
      • If the Send Login Email doesn't populate, ensure that the Fund Advisor has:
        • An email listed in their Profile.
        • A login entered in their Fund Advisor Record.
    3. Customize the Subject and Message (if needed).
    4. Click Send Email.

    The Fund Advisor will receive the following email:

  • Donor Portal Overview

    The Donor Portal is a secure web page where your fund advisors can:

    • View fund activity
    • View fund balances
    • Make grant requests
    • View administrative fees and distributions
    • View uploaded documents
    • View and print fund statements
    • Access the donation portal


    Access to the donor portal requires fund advisor designation on the relevant Profile. The fund advisor must also have a fund assigned to them. When those criteria are met, a system administrator provides the fund advisor with a donor portal link and login information to access their account. Fund advisors do not have access by default and their access to the donor portal can be removed at any time by the system administrator.

    Here is additional information to note about donor portal management and functionality:

    • Fund advisors do not have access to all funds at a foundation. They can only see information related to their fund(s). 
    • Fund advisors are not able to see notes that are added to their fund advisor profile by foundation staff.
    • Pending grants in the donor portal will reduce the available cash balance and spendable balance.
    • Fund advisors have the ability to copy historical grants by navigating to the Grants tab and choosing the Copy button on the right-hand side of a grant in the list. 
  • Make Fund Advisor Profile

    After creating a profile, you can designate the profile as a fund advisor. A fund advisor can be described as a holder of one or more funds at your foundation.

    1. Select Profiles from the Home page.

    2. Search and select a Profile, or click List to select from a list.

    3. Hover your cursor over the left-side menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Make Fund Advisor.

    4. In the Fund Advisor window:
    • Enter a unique Login (i.e. Bob.Smith).
    Logins are case sensitive in CommunitySuite.
    • Select the Donation Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when donations are made to the fund(s) they advise. If enabled, alternative emails can be selected to receive Donation Notify emails rather than the profile's primary email address.
    • Select the Grant Notify checkbox to notify the fund advisor when grants are made from the fund(s) they advise. If enabled, alternative emails can be selected to receive Grant Notify emails rather than the profile's primary email address.mceclip0.png

      • Click the box next to Statement Type and select how the fund advisor will receive their fund statements (online, paper, email).

    1. Click Update.

    2. To add a fund to a fund advisor profile click Add Fund in the left-side menu from the fund advisor profile. 

    3. Choose the fund you would like to add.

    4. Once you have added the fund, it will show under Funds on the fund advisor profile. To delete a fund from a fund advisor profile click [delete] next to the fund you would like to delete.