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  • Account Transfers
    1. You can get to the Account Transfer page from either the Accounts or Funds page. Accounts_1.png

    2. Click Transfer Money in the left-side menu.Accounts_2.png

      • Select which Fund is transferring money.
      • From which Account (eg. checking, investment account, etc.).
      • To which Account (eg. investment account, checking, etc.).
      • The actual Transfer Date.
      • Description of why the money is being transferred.
      • The Amount being transferred.
      • Check the Create Transfer Check check box only if you need to generate a check to move the money - leave unchecked if it is an electronic transfer.
    3. Click Transfer when done.Accounts_3.png

    • If an Account is not showing in the From Account or To Account drop-down list, you will need to go to the Account, edit the Account, and check the Manage Cash checkbox.
    • To view a history of fund transfers, click Balance Swap in the left-side menu of the Accounts page, then click Account Transfers in the left-side menu. Physical transfers will be shown at the top of the page with transfers completed via Balance Swap listed at the bottom of the page.