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  • SLM: Change Scholarship Record on Synced Scholarships

    If an admin accidentally assigns the wrong scholarship or student to a synced scholarship in CommunitySuite from SLM follow these steps to make the correction:

    If the request has been posted in CommunitySuite:

    1. To begin, the request will need to be sent back to the SLM bucket if the scholarship has been posted, which means you will need to Un-post the scholarship if applicable in CommunitySuite.

    2. Click the ID of the scholarship from the New bucket.

    3. Delete the scholarship.

    4. Click Unsync Request from SLM.

    5. Click Sync Request.

    6. Click the SLM ID for the scholarship in CommunitySuite. 
    7. Open CommunitySuite, locate the scholarship from SLM, and click Set Scholarship from the left-side menu.

    8. Select the correct Scholarship Name then click Set Scholarship.
    • If an admin accidentally sets the wrong student for a scholarship, follow the same steps as above except in step 7 click Set Student and step 8 click Map Students.

    If the request has not been posted:

    1. Click the SLM scholarship ID in the SLM scholarship bucket.

    2. Click [unlink] next to the scholarship.

    3. Open your SLM site, locate this scholarship award in that site, and navigate to the Request Summary page for the award. Click Unsync Request on the CSuite tab.

    4. Delete the scholarship record from CommunitySuite in the left-side menu.

    5. Click Sync Request to resync the scholarship from SLM.

    6. Open CommunitySuite, locate the scholarship from SLM, and click Set Scholarship from the left-side menu.

    7. Select the correct Scholarship Name then click Set Scholarship.
    • If an admin accidentally sets the wrong student for a scholarship, follow the same steps as above except in step 2 click [unlink] next to Student as shown below.

    • Follow steps 3-5.
    •  For step 6, click Set Student as shown below.

    • Click Map Students to map grantees to the SLM Scholarship Request.  
    • The most common error for mapping students happens if there are duplicate profiles with the exact same name such as having three "Molly Applicants." To avoid this, make sure duplicate profiles are merged or contain a unique identifier. Duplicate users can be created when:
      • Scenario 1 - There are duplicate profiles in CommunitySuite that have scholarship records tied to them, and both have scholarship records synced to CommunitySuite. Both duplicates are linked to separate CommunitySuite profiles.
      • Scenario 2 - An individual creates an account through the typical new user workflow before the SLM user created by the sync from CommunitySuite is flagged as an applicant. One duplicate is linked to a CommunitySuite profile.


  • Merge Synced Organizations
    1. Click Search and select Organizations.

    2. Enter relevant search criteria, such as Organization, Tax IdCity, and State, then click Search.

      • Pro Tip: To search for all organizations, leave the search criteria blank.

    3. Check the boxes next to each organization that you want to merge.

      • Note: If more than one organization is synced/linked with CommunitySuite, you will need to unsync/unlink one of the organizations:
        • Click the CommunitySuite icon next to the organization that you want to unsync/unlink (this will open CommunitySuite).

        • Within the organization profile in CommunitySuite, click Unlink.

        • Navigate back to GLM and refresh the page. The CommunitySuite icon will disappear from the organization, indicating that the organization is unsynced/unlinked from CommunitySuite.

    4. Click Merge Selected Organizations.

    5. Click the radio button to select the Primary organization, then click Finish Merge.

      • Note: After the merge, the primary organization will be the only remaining organization, and will retain all original information. It will also contain all contacts, GuideStar/Ajah history, grant/request history, documents, and comments of all non-primary organizations that were merged.

    6. Type MERGE and click OK.

      • Note: If you receive the Error Merging Organizations message, click OK, and select a different Primary Organization.

    7. Click View Merged Organization.

    8. The organizations are now merged in GLM.

      • Note: The information from the primary organization (that you defined in step 5) will be applied to the merged organization.

    9. Next, you will need to merge the duplicate organizations/profiles in CommunitySuite. Open a new tab in your web browser and log into CommunitySuite.

    10. Select Profiles from the home page.

    11. Click Duplicates.

    12. Select the name of the organization that was merged in GLM.

    13. Review the organizations being merged, and click Merge.

    14. Click Process.

      • Note: If you receive an error message, this means that CommunitySuite was trying to merge a linked profile into an unlinked GLM profile.

        • Click the Back button in your web browser.

        • Select Swap From/To.

        • Click Process.

    15. There will now be only one organization listed in both GLM and CommunitySuite.
  • Edit & Unlink GLM/SLM Orgs & Contacts
    1. Search for a GLM/SLM profile.
    2. From the GLM Search Results table, click the Status icon of a linked (green icon) org or contact to view the associated Csuite Profile.
    3. To unlink the Profile from the associated GLM/SLM organization or contact, click Unlink at the bottom of the Profile window.
      • Please note that the Unlink button will NOT display in Edit mode.
    4. Click Edit from the left-side menu.
    5. Make any edits and click Save.
      • Please note that fields containing a Foundant icon will be updated in both CSuite and GLM/SLM.
  • Search & Sync GLM/SLM Orgs & Contacts

    Within CommunitySuite, you can search and sync GLM/SLM orgs & contacts from while creating a profile, or by using the Search GLM feature.

    To search and sync from Create Profile:

    1. Navigate to Profiles from the home page.
    2. Click Create Profile from the left-side menu.
    3. Complete all known fields for the Individual or Organization.
    4. Click the arrow next to GLM Linking.
    5. Check the box next to Search GLM Prior to Save.
      • This tells CommunitySuite to search GLM/SLM for similar organizations/contacts before the profile is saved.
      • Please note that the default setting for this checkbox can be configured in System Data.
    6. Check or uncheck the boxes next to:
      • Include Synced Records
        • This will include both unsynced and synced records in your search results.
      • Search Default Foundation
        • Checking this box will search records from your default GLM/SLM site, and remove the ability to search from multiple GLM/SLM sites.
        • If you'd like to search multiple GLM/SLM sites, leave this box unchecked and select from the linked GLM/SLM sites (to the right).
    7. Click Save at the bottom of the page
    8. In the Similar GLM Profiles window:
      • Review similar GLM/SLM profiles, and select the radio button for a desired profile.
      • Click Sync in the lower-right corner of the window.

    To search and sync with the Search GLM feature:

    1. Navigate to Profiles from the home page.
    2. Click Create Profile from the left-side menu.
    3. Click Search GLM from the left-side menu.
    4. In the Search GLM window, three columns will display:
      • GLM Sites
        • Check the box next to each GLM/SLM site (GLM/SLM URL Key) that you want to search.
      • Organization and Individual
        • Complete all known fields for the organization or individual that you want to search for.
        • Next to Filters (at the bottom of each column), check or uncheck the boxes to refine your search criteria:
          • Include Synced record
          • Include Records with Sync Issues
          • Include Unsynced Records
      • Click Search Organizations or Search Individuals and the GLM Search Results table will display all GLM/SLM records that match your search criteria.
        • Please note that you cannot search for organizations and individuals at the same time.
    5. Within the GLM Search Results table, the Status column will display one of three states for each GLM/SLM record (see below):

    GLM/SLM record is linked to a Profile in CommunitySuite.

    GLM/SLM record is not linked to a Profile in CommunitySuite.

    Error -  there is something wrong with the linkage in CSuite or GLM/SLM.

      • Click the Status icon (blue) for the GLM/SLM record that you'd like to sync with CSuite.
        • If there is only one similar record (Profile) in CommunitySuite, review the record and click Sync Profile.
        • If there are multiple similar records (Profiles) in CommunitySuite, click the drop-down arrow, select the correct record, and click Sync Profile.
        • If CommunitySuite is unable to find a similar record (Profile), or if you would like to create a new profile, click Create Profile.
          • This will automatically create a new Profile in CommunitySuite and sync it with the selected record in GLM/SLM.
  • CSuite SLM Settings

    Once you’ve created a CSuite Process in SLM, you’ll need to configure your default SLM settings in CommunitySuite. To do this, the process in SLM must be turned on.

    Please note that these settings only need to be configured if you plan on sending Scholarships from CSuite to SLM.

    To configure your SLM Settings in CommunitySuite:

    • Navigate to System Data from the Home page.

    • Click Edit from the left-side menu.

    • Check the box labeled Send Awards to SLM. 

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

    • Next, select Edit from the left-side menu. 

      • Under the Send Awards to SLM setting, you will see that three new fields have populated.

    • In the Default SLM URL KEY dropdown, select the default SLM site that you want to send Scholarships to. 

    • In the Default SLM Process Name dropdown, select the default SLM process that you would like the Scholarships to appear in.  

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

    The SLM defaults in System Data can also be applied at the Fund and Scholarship level. They are applied to Scholarship(s) in the following hierarchy:

    • Scholarship

      • Scholarship defaults will override the defaults within the related Fund(s) and System Data.

    • Fund

      • Fund defaults will override the defaults within System Data, but will not override Scholarship defaults.

    • System Data

      • If no defaults are applied to the Scholarship or related Fund(s), the defaults from System Data are applied.

  • Create Multifund SLM Scholarships

    You can pay a SLM Scholarship from multiple Funds by using the Make MultiFund feature.

    1. Navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.
    2. In the Scholarship Buckets window at the top of the page, click SLM.
    3. Next, in the SLM Scholarship Import window, select the Scholarship Request ID number.
    4. Click the Make Multifund button from the left-side menu.
    5. If the Scholarship Recipient has not been set: 
      • Select the Set Student button from the left side menu.
      • Click Map/Create Grantees.
    6. Next, click Modify Amounts from the left-side menu.
    7. In the Installments window, enter the Amount and Payment date for each installment.
      • Please note that the total of all line items must equal the amount in the original Grant Request.
    8. Click Save.
    9. Select Set Scholarship from the left-side menu.
      • In the Installments window, enter the Scholarship associated with each line item.
      • Click Save.
    10. Once you're done modifying, click the Back button in the left-side menu.
    11. Click Create Award from the left-side menu.
    12. In the Recipient Payments window, set the School/Grantee for each installment, then click Post.
  • Process Synced Scholarships

    After syncing a Scholarship Award from SLM, it needs to be processed in CommunitySuite:

    1. Open CommunitySuite and navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.
    2. In the Scholarship Buckets window at the top of page, select SLM.
      • The SLM bucket will display synced Scholarship Awards that have not been processed.
    3. In the SLM Scholarship Import window, select the desired Scholarship ID.
    4. Click Set Student from the left side menu. Follow the steps in this article if you are using a scholarship for the first time. 
      • If the Student has a profile in CommunitySuite, select their Profile from the drop-down menu.
        • If a profile does not exist for the student, you’ll be prompted to create one.
    5. Click Map Students.
    6. Next, click Set Scholarship from the left side menu.
      • In the Set Scholarship Fund window, click within the Scholarship Name text box and select a scholarship from the drop-down.
    7. Click Create Award(s)from the left side menu.
      • At this time, award details will sync to SLM and display in the CSuite tab of the Request Summary page.
      • This will also disable the ability to unsync the scholarship award from SLM.
    8. In the Recipient Payments window, set the School/Grantee and Student Number for each payment.
    9. Click Post from the left side menu.

    Remaining installments must be approved in SLM before additional grant voucher(s) can be created and paid from CommunitySuite.

    Please note that Scholarships can also be processed in bulk by clicking the Set Student and Set Scholarship buttons while viewing the SLM bucket on the Scholarships page. Keep in mind that these settings will apply to all scholarships in the SLM bucket that do not have a designated Student or Scholarship.

    Things to Know:

    • Each scholarship must be created from one application in SLM. A common application that grants more than one scholarship cannot be synced and attributed to more than one scholarship fund. In other words, there must be a one-to-one relationship of scholarship applications in SLM to awards created in CSuite.

    • Changing the dates of scheduled payments is possible once the request has been synced, but the amounts of each installment cannot be edited once the account has been synced.

  • Send GLM Requests to the CSuite Grant Catalog
    1. After approving a request in GLM, navigate to the All Open Approvals workload page, and click the toggle to sync the request to CSuite.

    2. Click the Project Name to reach the Request Summary page.

    3. In the Award Details tab of the Request Summary page, click each Installment Form to expand the details.

    4. At the bottom of each installment form, click the thumbs up icon to approve the installment for payment in CSuite.

    5. In CommunitySuite, select Grants from the Home page.

    6. Select the GLM grant bucket and click the ID of the GLM grant request.

    7. Click Set Grantee and set the grantee.

    8. Click Set Fund and set the fund.

    9. Enter the Fund Name and click Set Fund.

    10. Click Create Grants.

    11. Navigate to the New grant bucket and select the ID of the GLM grant.

    12. Click Edit and select an active Grant Cycle from the drop-down.

      Once an active Grant Cycle is selected for a GLM grant, the Public Donations checkbox will be automatically set to Yes, funding will be removed from the grant, and the payment schedule will be set to $0 for all line items (which will also be reflected in GLM).
      Check out this article for more information about Grant Cycles.

    13. The grant will now appear in the Grant Catalog tab of the Online Donation page.

    14. Once the grant has been fully funded, you'll need to edit the pay schedule to reflect the grant Amount. Click Edit Pay Schedule.

    15. If the requested grant amount was met, enter the total Amount in the first line, then click Save.

    16. Click Post & Get Approval.

    If the requested amount was not met, you will need to do the following (please speak with your CSM if you're unsure about any of the steps below).

    1. Remove all donations/funding from the grant in CommunitySuite.
    2. Un-sync the grant from GLM.
    3. Change the installment total in GLM to reflect the amount that was donated in the Grant Catalog.
    4. Re-sync the grant from GLM to CSuite.
    5. Apply the original funding to the grant in CommunitySuite.


  • Void Checks from Synced Grants

    After syncing, approving, and paying a Grant, you will still have the opportunity to void the check and recut a new if needed. Here’s how the process will work:

    1. Void the check in CSuite.
    2. New payment appears in GLM for the same installment as a negative payment, along with the following message:
      • Payment voided in CommunitySuite for Tracking Number [check number]
    3. The grant will move back to the Voucher bucket in CSuite and can be repaid with a new check.
    4. Once the grant is repaid, new payment information will sync with GLM to fulfill the installment balance.