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  • Groups Overview

    User groups dictate what permissions a user will have in the system.

    Users will not be able to log into CommunitySuite unless they're added to a group.
    1. Log into CommunitySuite and select Groups from the Core column of the Home page.groups_overview.png

    2. The groups page displays a list of the default CommunitySuite groups, and any custom groups that have been created by your foundation.

      Default User Groups

      • Admin - has access to everything in the system.
      • Accounting - has access to everything in the system, except the ability to create users, set passwords, and change permissions for users or user groups.
      • Staff - has access to most items. Read-only access to financials, users and permissions.
      • Audit - has “read only” access to everything. Designed for an external auditor - for example, you can create a user with "read only" access for your annual audit.
  • Configure Group Permissions

    Manage group access to the functional areas in CommunitySuite (such as Funds), and/or the specific features within each area (such as Funds - > Revenue Share).

    1. Select Groups from the Home page.Groups_1.png

    2. Select the ID number desired user group.Groups_2.png

    3. Click Group Permission.Groups_3.png

      Permissions can also be copied from existing groups.

    4. Click the radio buttons to select from one of the three default permissions (NoneView, and Full), or select the object name (e.g. Accounts, Budget, etc.) to create custom group permissions for each object. Groups_4.png

      Default Group Permissions

      • None - no access.
      • View - read-only access.
      • Full - access to view and edit.
      • Custom permissions can be set from the permissions section within a specific functional area (e.g. Accounts, Budget, etc.)
    5. Click Save.Groups_5.png

    6. Click List to return to the main Groups page. Groups_6.png
  • Create User Groups

    Create user groups with custom permissions.

    1. While viewing the Groups page, click Create.

    2. Give the group a Name, then click Create.

    3. Click List to return to the main Groups page.