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  • Partially Cancel a Scholarship Award

    Cancel individual scholarship payments for scholarships with multiple payments.

    Scholarship payment(s) must be approved, and the scholarship must be posted before you'll have the option to cancel a payment.

    If you want to cancel an entire scholarship at once, see Cancel a Scholarship Award.

    1. Select Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. Select the Open grant bucket.

    3. Select the ID of the scholarship that you want to partially cancel.

    4. Click cancel for the payment that you want to cancel.

    5.  Enter the Cancel Date and click Cancel.

    6. The payment will display the Cancel amount, and the Cancel Date. If you need to uncancel the payment, click Uncancel.

    If your CommunitySuite site is synced to an SLM site, the installment cancellation will sync back to SLM.



  • Import Scholarships

    Use the import scholarships feature to batch import scholarships.

    1. Select Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. Select Import.

    3. Select Download Template.

    4. Open the template, add the scholarship data that you want to import, then save the template to your computer.

    5. Select Choose File.

    6. Check or uncheck the boxes next to Create Profile on Conflict and Update Existing Profiles.

      See the file format notes below the Upload Scholarship window for more information.

    7. Click Process to import the scholarships.
  • Re-issue a scholarship check to a different school

    A check was sent out to the wrong school.

    If they deposited your check and sent you one back that you need to deposit, then you will go to the scholarship record and select refund. If it was a refund, you will get the option to add another payment date that can go to the correct school. If it was a void, you will then delete the scholarship grant and edit the scholarship to go to the correct school.

  • Repost a Refunded Scholarship*

    A refunded scholarship can be re-posted to another school for the same student by selecting the red Add Payment Date from the left side of the screen.

    • Choose the new Payment Date
    • Enter the Amount of money to be awarded in the Open Amt box
    • Select the Save button in the right column
    • Now choose [set] and select a new school

    You will see a red [pay] to continue the scholarship payment process

    • Select [pay] 
    • Select the red Post & Get Approval link on the left
    • Grant Approvers assigned to this Fund will be sent an email to approve or reject this Scholarship/Grant

    If Approved, you will see [pay] in the CheckID column on the Grant Payment Schedule

    • Select [pay] to go to Accounts Payable and pay the Voucher
  • Undecided Students*

    Find a list of scholarship recipients who have requested a refund or have not decided on a school (the school field was left blank when the scholarship was awarded).

    • Go to Scholarships
    • Select Unassigned/Undecided from the lefthand side of the screen

    The system will give you a list of the students who have outstanding awards, have requested a refund or do not have a school selected.

    You can choose the ID number (eg. 1007) under the ID column for the student/scholarship to update the Scholarship record.

    This will take you to the Scholarship Recipient details where you can:

    • [set] the School/Grantee
    • Edit or Add a Student Number
    • Edit or delete the scholarship payment
    • Attach a File
    • Add a note 
    • Unapprove the scholarship and make edits 
  • Scholarship Checks*

    After creating a scholarship and scheduling out the payments you can print Scholarship checks. Each student awardee needs an up to date student number because the student name and their number will print on the check stub (allowing your foundation to write one check to a school for numerous student scholarships).

    When you are ready to pay the scholarship

    • Post the Scholarship by selecting the red Post
    • Select the red Pay link
    • Enter the actual payment date. This is usually the date you want the check cut or a date in the same month as you want the check to but cut. This date must be in an open accounting period.
    • Check Pub 78 with Guidestar but usually, for schools, their Grantee profile will need to be edited and the No Pub78 checkbox checked
    • Choose Get Approval (red)
    • Once approved, the Pay link (red) on the left-hand side will show up
    • Select Pay
    • Choose which bank account will pay the check and the date of the check
    • Select Review Checks at the bottom of the screen
    • If it is electronic select the Elec check box, and you can add a memo to the check
    • The check is ready for the next check run

    If your scholarships have already been created and posted you can go to Accounts Payable from the Home page and you will see a list of Accounts and Scholarships Payable.

  • Run Scholarship Reports*
    • Go to Scholarships
    • Pick Reports on the left to get a basic report on all your scholarships
    • Select a date range from the drop-down
    • Choose the Create Report button
    • You will see a tally of Scholarships given with a total at the bottom for the selected date range

    You can select the Export CSV button to download a CSV file and open the report in Excel or another spreadsheet and manipulate the data as needed.

    Other scholarship and specific student data such as email, phone number and address can also be downloaded from Scholarships Payable.

    • Go to Scholarships from the Home page
    • Choose Scholarship Payable from the left menu
    • Pick Export CSV from the left-hand menu

    The software will automatically download a list of all scholarships to be paid along with contact information for the awarded student to your computer. Open up your CSV file in any spreadsheet such as Excel.

  • Example Scholarship Workflow*

    Go to Scholarships from the Home page

    • Choose Add Recipient from the left side menu
    • Select the Scholarship that you are awarding
    • Choose a Student
    • To Create a $2000 scholarship, enter 2000 in Scholarship Amount
    • Pick an Award date of 7/1/2015
    • Select Add

    The software database uses the 7/1/2015 date and expenses the entire scholarship amount on that date. It shows up in Scholarship Payable for $2000.

    Next, you will create a payment schedule - this is applicable for one time scholarships or multi-year scholarships. Your payment schedule date(s) are the date(s) you will be cutting the check(s). In our example we will do two $1000 payments:

    • $1000 on 7/10/2015
    • $1000 on 7/10/2016

    You can do this by choosing Add Payment Date from the left.

    • Pick the Payment Date you will cut the check and enter an amount in Open Amt - in this case, 1000
    • Choose Save 
      • Optional (if known): Select [set] in the School column, next to Undecided, to select a School
      • Optional (if known): Choose [edit] in the Student Number column to  enter the student number
      • NOTE: School/Grantee needs to be set in order to pay out a scholarship

    The scholarship will have a remaining amount that needs to be scheduled out.

    • Pick Add Payment Date from the left again and enter the amount and the next date you plan to pay the Scholarship
    • Choose the Save button

    Now you can Post the Scholarship to your books - choose Post from the left. You cannot post a scholarship into a closed period.

    You will now see a red [pay] option for the scholarship you posted (if the school has been selected).

    When you are ready to pay the Scholarship, select [pay] (red) and you will see Post & Get Approval on the left to send the payment to your Grant Approver(s). 

    • Once Approved, select [pay] in the Grant Payment Schedule table under the CheckID column
    • You will be in Accounts Payable to pay the Voucher that pays the scholarship
    • Choose the Payment Account (eg. Checking) and the payment date of the check
    • Verify the amount and choose the Apply Amount checkbox
    • Choose the Next button

    The system uses the original date (ie. 7/10/2015) as the date of the Scholarship (Grant), then the Scholarship is tracked as a Grant, it will go through the Grant process where it needs to be approved, and following approval, the Grant (Scholarship) goes to Vouchers to be paid.

    • When a voucher is created the transaction moves the money from Scholarships Payable and puts the money into Accounts Payable for the $1000 amount (dated 7/10/2015).
    • When writing a check, users can select the actual date the check is cut.
    • Writing a check moves the $ from Accounts Payable to cash (the amount to be paid out).
  • Create MultiFund Scholarships
    1. Navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. In the Scholarship Buckets table, click New.

    3. Click the ID number of a new scholarship from the list.

    4. Click MultiFund Add from the left-side menu.

    5. Choose the option to either Link Scholarship or Create New Scholarship
      • In the MultiFund Scholarship - Link Scholarship table: 
        • Enter the grant ID of an existing grant.
        • Click Next.
        • In the Link Scholarship into MultiFund Scholarship table, click Process.
      • In the MultiFund Scholarship - Create New Scholarship table:
        • Enter a fund.
        • Click Next.
        • Enter an Additional Amount.
        • Click Create Scholarship Item and Link to Master Scholarship Item.

    To add additional funds, repeat steps 1-5.

  • Edit a Scholarship Opportunity
    1. Navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.
    2. Click Scholarships from the left-side menu.
    3. Click the ID of Scholarship you want to edit.
    4. Select Edit from the left-side menu.
    5. In the Scholarship window, Edit the following fields:
      • Name
      • Description
      • Fundmanager - If this box is checked, the scholarship, and associated awards, will appear in your Donor Portal.
      • Auto Approve - If this box is checked, all Grants associated with the scholarship will move directly into the Voucher stage. This will bypass the Charity Check and regular Grant Approval process.
      • Default School - The default school will be listed for all awards created from this scholarship.
    6. Click Update.
  • Batch Approve and Pay Scholarship Payments
    1. Navigate to Scholarships.
    2. Click Scholarship Payable from the left-side menu.
    3. Select Batch Approve from the left-side menu.
      • The Approve Scholarship Payments window displays all approved scholarship payments that have not been paid and do not have a school assigned. Scholarship payments from GLM will not display in this window.
    4. In the Approved column, click Set to approve a payment.
    5. Once the desired payments have been approved, click Batch Pay from the left-side menu.
    6. In the Batch Pay Scholarship Payments window, enter a date next to Payments Before. 
      • This will show all payments before the entered date. 
    7. Click Create Grants for Scholarship Payments.

    Note: If the Auto Approve Grant column displays Yes for a given line item, the Grant will be created and push all the way to the Voucher stage. If Yes is not displayed, the Grant will stop in the New stage. 

  • Refund a Scholarship Award

    When a school returns funding, here is how to accept a scholarship refund.

    1. Select Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. Click Scholarships.refund_a_scholarship_award_2.png

    3. Select the ID of the desired Scholarship Opportunity.refund_a_scholarship_award_3.png

    4. In the Recipients table, select the ID of the scholarship award.refund_a_scholarship_award_4.png

      Take note of the Status of the scholarship award. If the scholarship award is closed, you'll need to re-open it in the next step.

    5. In the Recipient Payments table, click Add Refund for the payment that you want to refund.

      If the scholarship is closed and the Refund Scholarship button does not appear, click the Open button in the left-side menu.

    6. Enter the Refund DateRefund Method, and Refund Reason, then click Create.refund_a_scholarship_award_6.png

      Please note that the original Payment Amount can be found above the Payment Date field.

    7. The system has now created a refund, or open amount equal to the amount refunded. When a refund is created and deposited, the system records everything from reversing the expense, the payable, and the deposit.refund_a_scholarship_award_7.png
  • Delete a Scholarship Award
    Deleting a Scholarship Award will completely remove the Scholarship record from the system. If the scholarship is not moving forward but you would like to keep a record in the system, then cancel the scholarship award instead of deleting it. 
    1. Navigate to the Scholarships page.scholarships_1.png

    2. Click the Scholarship ID.scholarships_2.png

    3. Click Delete in the left-side menu.
      • If Delete is not present in the left-side menu, then you most likely need to Un-Post and Delete All Scheduled Payments. See below for those steps. 

    Un-Post & Delete All Scheduled Payments

    1. Click Un-Post in the left-side menu.

    2. Click Scholarship Payable in the left-side menu.

    3. Click the Scholarship Scheduled Payments ID.scholarships_5.png

    4. Click delete to remove the scheduled payment.scholarships_6.png

  • Close a Scholarship
    1. Once all payments have been processed, go to the Scholarship Recipient record.
    2. Click Close in the left-side menu. 

    Note: Consider leaving all scholarships open until there is no chance of a student transferring or quitting and the school/grantee refunding the money. The Scholarship will be listed but will have "closed" in the Student Record -> Scholarships -> Status column.

  • Award a Scholarship
    1. Select Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. Click Scholarships.

    3. Select the ID of the scholarship opportunity that you want to create an award from.

    4. Click Add Recipient.

    5. Search for a student or select from the list.

    6. Enter the Scholarship Amount, and Award Date, then click Add.

    7. Click Add Payment Date.

    8. Enter the Payment Date, the Open Amt (amount), and check the box under Conditional if the payment is conditional, then click Save. If the scholarship will be paid with multiple payments, enter the Payment Date and Open Amt for the first payment, then click Save. Next, click Add Payment Date to add an additional payment. Continue adding payments until the sum of payments equals the total amount on the scholarship award.

      Conditional Payments

      Checking this box indicates that the recipient must do something in order to receive the next installment. When the books are closed at the end of the year; installments that are marked as Conditional (Yes) will have the expense and the payable reversed at year end. The reversal is made in a separate fund, so your fund statements aren't changing throughout the year. This fund can be set in System Data -> Grant Options -> Conditional Payment Fund.

    9. Click Set, then enter and select the School/Grantee that will receive the check for the scholarship award.

      If the check will be cut to the student, the student's native profile must also be made a Grantee. If the student is not listed as a grantee in their native profile, the student's name will not populate when setting the School/Grantee for a recipient payment.

    10. Click Edit to enter a Student Number.


    For instructions on how to pay the scholarship award, click the link below that corresponds with your approval workflow:

  • Pay a Scholarship - Auto Approval Workflow

    This is the workflow for paying a scholarship if grant approval is not configured in System Data, or if Auto Approval is selected when creating the scholarship opportunity. 

    1. Once all scholarship award information is entered including all payments and payment information, click Post in the left-side menu.
    2. Click Set in the Approved column next to the applicable payment in the Recipient Payments column. 
    3. A GrantID will appear next to the next to the payment.
    4. Click the GrantID number to access the grant record.
    5. In the Grant Payment Schedule, click Pay to pay the voucher associated with the payment and cut a check. 

    Repeat steps 2-5  when you are ready to process the next payment (if applicable).

  • Pay a Scholarship - Post & Get Approval Workflow

    Please note that this workflow only applies if you have configured an approval percent in system data and set grant approvers in the fund from which the scholarship is being awarded. Additional, if you selected Auto Approve when setting up the Scholarship, the post & get approval process is skipped. 

    1. Once all scholarship award information is entered including all payments and payment information, click Post in the left-side menu.
    2. Click Set in the Approved column next to the applicable payment in the Recipient Payments column. 
    3. In the GrantID column,  the pay option will appear next to each payment. 
    4. Click Pay next to the first payment. 
    5. You are then directed to a Grant record, where you click Post & Get Approval in the left-side menu. 
    6. An email will be sent to Grant Approvers instructing them to come access the system to review and Approve (or reject) the scholarship. 
    7. Once Approval is received, you will see the Pay option in the Grant Payment Schedule. 
    8. Click Pay to pay the voucher associated with the payment and cut a check. 

    Repeat steps 2 - 8 when you are ready to process the next payment (if applicable).

  • Cancel a Scholarship Award

    Cancel a scholarship award if the award isn't moving forward, but you'd like to keep a record in CommunitySuite.

    Use Case Examples:

    • The scholarship recipient lost eligibility for the scholarship before payment and you need to transfer the money back into the granting fund or to an alternate student.
    • The scholarship award was refunded, and you need to transfer the award money back into the granting fund or to an alternate student.

    See this article to learn how to partially cancel a scholarship award.

    1. Navigate to Scholarships from the Home page.
    2. Click the Open scholarship bucket.
    3. Click the ID of the scholarship you want to cancel.
    4. Click Cancel in the left side menu. 
    5. Enter the Cancel Date.
    6. If the scholarship has an alternate student who you'd like to transfer the award to, click the box next to Award to Alternate.
      • Once the primary scholarship award is cancelled, a new scholarship award will automatically be created for the alternate student.
    7. Click the box next to Terminated to indicate that the scholarship is terminated, the student will not have a chance to receive the funds again.
      • If you cancel without clicking the Terminated box the scholarship will move back to the new bucket.
      • If you cancel and do click the box next to Terminated, the scholarship will be removed from the new bucket. 
      • With cancel, you can award the funds again if the student changes their mind. With terminated, there is no chance to award the student again. 
    8. Click Cancel Scholarship.
    • A scholarship award must be open and unpaid in order to cancel.
    • If no payments have been made, the entire amount will be canceled. However, if multiple payments exist, only the unpaid payment amount will appear in the Cancel Amount row within the Scholarship Recipient summary.
    • If a scholarship check was returned before being cashed, enter it as a refund check (money coming in) to offset the expense.
  • Add an Alternate Recipient to a Scholarship Award

    In the event that the primary student does not enroll in school and the scholarship award has been posted, select an alternate student to receive the scholarship award.

    1. Navigate to the Scholarships page.add_an_alternate_recipient_1.png

    2. Depending on the status of the scholarship, click the New or Open tab.add_a_recipient_to_a_scholarship_2.png

    3. Click the Scholarship ID #.add_a_recipient_to_a_scholarship_3.png

    4. Click edit in the Alt Student row.add_an_alternate_recipient_3.png

    5. Search for and select the Student.add_a_recipient_to_a_scholarship_5.png

      •  The selected student now appears in the Alt Student field.
    6. Click Cancel in the left-side menu.
      • This option is not available if the scholarship has not been posted.add_6.png

    7. In the next screen, add the Cancel Date and check the Award to Alternate box.add_alternate_7.png

      • Alternative Student Name and Amount will be displayed.
    8. Click Cancel Scholarship.add_alternate_8.png


  • Edit a Scholarship Award
    1. Select Scholarships from the Home page.

    2. Select Scholarships from the left-side menu and click on the ID of a Scholarship opportunity.
    3. In the Recipients table, click the ID number of the scholarship award you want to edit. 
    4. If the scholarship has not been posted, click Edit in the left-side menu.
      • If the scholarship award has been posted, click Un-Post from the left-side menu to un-post the scholarship award. The option to Edit will appear in the left-side menu.
    5. Once the desired edits have been made, click Save.
    6. If applicable, re-post the scholarship by clicking Post from the left-side menu. 
  • Create a Scholarship Opportunity
    1. On the Home page, click Funds.

    2. Enter the name of the fund that is giving the scholarship.

    3. In the left-side menu, click Add Scholarship

    4. In the Create Scholarship window:
      • Enter the name of the scholarship.
      • Enter a description.
      • Click Create.

    5. Click Edit from the left-side menu.

    6. In the Scholarship window, make the necessary edits to the following fields:
      • Name
      • Description
      • Fundmanager - If this box is checked, the scholarship and associated awards will appear in your Donor Portal.
      • Auto Approve - If this box is checked, all grants associated with the scholarship will move directly into the Voucher stage. This will bypass the charity check and regular grant approval process.
        • Use case scenarios:
          • Your foundation treats approval in GLM as approval to pay a scholarship.
          • Your foundation treats the posting of scholarships as approval to pay a scholarship.
      • Default School - The default school will be listed for all awards created from this scholarship.
      • Send Scholarship to SLM - for clients using an integration with SLM for their scholarship application, review, and decision processes. 

    7. Click Update.