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  • Credit Memo

    A negative invoice is a Credit Memo. If an invoice is created that is not paid and will not get paid you can create a credit memo to remove the receivable. The credit memo is typically a mirror of the invoice. The credit memo must be from the same profile, the same account, and the amount is the same as the invoice except negative. Once saved and posted you can apply the balance to the invoice.

    1. This is the invoice that is not paid and will not get paid.creditmemo_1.png
    2. Click Create.creditmemo_2.png
    3. Choose the customer that matches the invoice from step 1. creditmemo_3.png
    4. Enter the Invoice Date and Fund in the Create Invoice table. You may also add an attachment. creditmemo_4.png
    5. Enter the DescriptionQty (Quantity)Unit Price and Revenue Account in the Items table.creditmemo_5.png The Unit Price needs to be a negative of the matching invoice from step 1.
    6. Click Save.creditmemo_6.png
    7. Click Post.creditmemo_7.png
    8. Click Apply Balance.creditmemo_8.png
    9. Check the box next to the credit memo to apply the full amount to the open invoice.creditmemo_9.png
    10. Click Apply.creditmemo_10.png
  • Refund an Invoice


    Any customer or profile payment that is made is created as a payment applied to an open invoice. You will need to create a negative invoice for the profile to issue a refund. 

    1. Begin by navigating to the Invoice page from the Home page. RefundAnInvoice1.png

    2. Click on the InvoiceID that needs to be refunded. RefundAnInvoice2.png

    3. Click on the Customer in the Invoice table. RefundAnInvoice3.png

    4. Click Create Invoice on the left side menu. RefundAnInvoice4.png

    5. Enter an Invoice Date and Fund in the Create Invoice table. RefundAnInvoice5.png

    6. Add a DescriptionQuantity, Negative Unit Price and Revenue Account to the Items table. RefundAnInvoice6.png
    7. Click Save. 
    8. Review then click Post. RefundAnInvoice7.png

    9. Click Apply Balance on the left side menu. RefundAnInvoice8.png

    10. Click the Check Box as shown below next to the invoice. RefundAnInvoice9.png

    11. Click Apply. RefundAnInvoice10.png

    A refund is only possible if the Open Balance is over $0.

  • Import Invoices

    Import invoices into CommunitySuite.

    1. Select Invoices from the Home page.

    2. Click Import Invoices.

    3. Select Download Template.

      The template will download as a .csv file, and save to your computer's Downloads folder.

    4. Open the template, enter invoice information for each invoice that you want to import, then save the template to your computer.
      • All Columns are required to import an invoice.
      • Leading and trailing spaces in all entries will be removed. i.e. (" Chris " becomes "Chris").
    5. Click Choose File.

    6. Open the .csv template file that you saved in step 4.

    7. Click Process.

    8. The imported invoices will load into your list of invoices.
  • Delete an Invoice
    1. Navigate to Invoices from the Home page.

    2. Select the InvoiceID number.

    3. If the invoice has already been posted, click Un-Post from the left-side menu.

    4. Click Delete.
  • Create an Invoice
    1. Go to Invoices.
    2. Search for and select the Customer.
    3. Enter the Invoice Date.
    4. Select the Fund that will receive the invoice payment. 
    5. Enter a Location.
    6. Attach a File if needed.
    7. In the section labeled Items, enter the details of what goods or services were provided.
      1. Enter a Description.
      2. Enter the Quantity (Qty).
      3. Enter the Unit Price.
      4. Select the Revenue Account (R) that will show the outstanding liability and accept the payment.
      5. Click Save.
    8. Review the Invoice.
    9. Select Post in the left-side menu.